Cockpit for P-61 & Bf 109B-1
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P-61 "Black Widow"

Our previous update “Battle March” introduced the P-61 "Black Widow" heavy fighter in the American tree. An aircraft with very powerful armament and a deadly defense turret that protects the whole upper hemisphere that has become very popular in War Thunder. Unfortunately we could not introduce cockpit for the Black Widow with the “Battle March” update, however in update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" we will add a fully operational cockpit for this beautiful vehicle!

Bf 109B-1

The earliest Messerschmitt available in War Thunder, the Bf 109B-1, will also receive a completely authentic cockpit. We are sure that those who appreciate historical accuracy will love it.

Please note, attached screenshots have a status of “work in progress”, the textures and quality of the final variant will be presented in update 1.59.

Upcoming vehicles for Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" :

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