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T29: The Experimental Monster + video added
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American tank design at the end of the war stood out for its numerous intriguing projects, many of which were given material form but never reached the front. One of these will be coming to War Thunder soon™ in the American tech tree as a premium vehicle – the T29 heavy tank.
The T29 was an experimental vehicle that was designed as a weapon against German heavy tanks at the end of the war. Alas, the prototype took until 1947 to build, at that point the US army no longer had need for such an expensive and heavy tank. But that didn’t mean that all their efforts were wasted: elements of the T29 design were used in the development of almost all later US tanks during the Cold War.

 This tank stands out for its size.

Its mass of 64 tons is huge even for a tank of this class. But all this weight didn’t come about by accident: its spacious turret was equipped with a 105mm T5E2 cannon: incredibly powerful and frightening in its appearance alone. Additionally, the tank had impressive armour – almost 300 mm at the front of the turret! The front of the hull was also protected by thick armour plates set at a steep angle, though they were somewhat weaker than those installed at the front end of the German Tiger II. The American tank does looks truly frightening.

 But in battle it is, of course, better to rely on its powerful 105mm gun rather than its threatening appearance. This cannon is more than sufficient to send any opponent at the same BR back to the hangar with just one successful hit - the T95 and T28 SPGs have similar guns. The other features of the tank in total allow classic heavy tank strategies to be used: don’t be afraid to expose yourself to the enemy as long as you don’t let them hit the weak spots of your armour, cover medium tanks in attack and use your power to press for an advantage. Just make sure to hide the lower frontal armour plate and turret sides from the enemy.

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 The T29 will be a premium vehicle available for purchase in a bundle at Gaijin.Net Store. 
Expect the heavy T29 tank in the 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" update soon!

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