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War Thunder 1.95 - Changelog
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WAR THUNDER PRESENTS Update 1.95 “Northern wind”!

A brand new Swedish Aircraft tech tree, the first Swedish tanks, ten new vessels; Admiral Graf Spee and Prinz Eugen amongst others, two new locations and an upgraded graphical engine with stunning Ray Traced Global Illumination, HDR support and a physical spark system! As well as this, we have manage to add new game improvements and fix countless bugs, many of them reported by you - our fantastic community. All of this awaits you in the new major update 1.95 "Northern wind"!

We are proud to launch brand new aircraft tech tree - Swedish Air Forces. Do not miss the details on how to participate in CBT!

Swedish Aircraft

New aircraft


  • J8A - Is now available to be used in battles.
  • Jacobi J8A
  • J6B
  • J11
  • J22-A
  • J20
  • J22-B
  • J21A-1
  • J21A-2
  • J26
  • J21RA
  • J29A
  • J29F
  • B3C
  • B17B
  • B17A
  • A21A-3
  • A21RB
  • J28B
  • J/A29B
  • B18A
  • B18B
  • T18B-1
  • T18B-2
  • J32B - a similar dimensioned prototype cockpit is used temporarily.
  • A32A -a similar dimensioned prototype cockpit is used temporarily.


  • MiG-21MF - A temporary cockpit that uses some elements from the MiG-21 F-13 cockpit is used.


  • MiG-21SMT - A temporary cockpit that uses some elements from the MiG-21 F-13 cockpit is used.


  • Étendard IVM

Ground Vehicles


  • le KPz M41

Great Britain


  • Type 90 B



  • WZ305
  • M42 Duster


  • M60A3 TTS


  • AML-90

Naval Fleet


  • Porter (DD-356)


Great Britain


New locations and missions

  • Naval location “New Zealand cape”.
  • Naval location “South Kvarken”: Domination (boats); Domination; Encounter; Conquest.
  • We have added distant targets at about 9km In a ship’s test drive for heavy fleet. 

Location and mission updates

  • Japan - the location of the airfield and helipad for the Southern team has been changed.
  • Visibility in naval battles on the high seas has been improved.

Enduring Confrontation 

  • New Enduring Confrontation mission - “Malta”.
  • Naval bombers now have their own aircraft preset (if possible naval bombers have been used but where they are lacking normal variants are used).
  • Naval bombers will attempt to use torpedoes against ships (if there is a torpedo preset for the aircraft at this rank).
  • AI aircraft in the scenarios “bombers”, “attackers” and “airfield defenders” have been added as support for rank VI battles.
  • Thanks to new script functionality it has become possible to fix the situation when the opponent's respawn points could overlap the allied spawn points with an active convoy.

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Viewing angles (FOV) for default ground sights have been increased.
  • Vignette effect has been added to the gunner’s sight of some top tier vehicles.
  • Т-72А, ZTZ96, Challenger 2, Breda 501 - Camera position for the commander in SB has been fixed.
  • BMP-3 - Modification of the “Sodema” thermal imaging sight has been added. Modification of the armour-piercing belt has been moved to available by default. 
  • Challenger 2 - Modification of the additional outboard Dorchester 2F armour has been added. 
  • M42 Duster - All - The mass has been changed from 22,600 to 22,450 kg. Source: FM 44-2 - Air Defense Artillery Employment (Automatic Weapons), June 1966
  • The scope module description now contains the FOV (viewing angle) values. 
  • M3 Bradley, ADATS - The hull armour has been adjusted. The hull armour material has been fixed and the aluminum armour durability has been corrected. 
  • M163, SIDAM 25, SIDAM 25 Mistral, M113A1 TOW, M901 - Type armour used on the hull raft has been changed from 7039 to 5083. 
  • Low calibre (20-35 mm) APDS shells now have a chance to break apart when passing through spaced armour.
  • The durability of the following armour aluminium rafts has been revised:
    • 7039: Old 0.47, New 0.5
    • 5083: Old 0.7, New 0.32
    • ABT-101: Old 0.53, New 0.375
    • ABT-102: Old 0.53, New 0.42
    • AA7017: Old 0.8, New 0.5
  • M15/42, M42 Contraaereo, 75/34 M42, 75/34 M43, 75/46 M43, 105/25 M43, 105/25 M43 Leoncello - Smoke grenades modification has been added. 
  • SU-76M - Maximum speed has been changed from 40 to 30 km/h. Elevation angles has been changed from -3/+25 to -5/+15. Source: Общее описание самоходной установки СУ-76. 
  • Т-60 - The nomenclature and characteristics of ammunition which is used have been corrected. Armour-piercing incendiary tracer shell has been changed to armour-piercing incendiary (without tracer), speed has been changed from 800 to 796 m/sec. Composite shell has been replaced by a shell with an increased initial speed of 892 m/sec. Source: ЦАМО РФ, фонд 38, опись 11355, дело №338, л.23 // 20-мм танковая пушка ТНШ (ШВАК), Руководство службы
  • SOMUA S35, SAu 40, B1 bis, B1 ter - The abilty to shift into neutral gear has been added.
  • T-64B, Т-80B, Т-80U - The restriction on the number of ATGM’s being carried has been removed.  
  • ADATS - “Laser Rangefinder” modification has been added.   
  • AB43, AS42 - Engine power has been increased to 110 horsepower. Source: Gli Autoveicoli da Combattimento dell'Esercito Italiano Vol.2" Nicola Pingato and Filippo Cappellano  
  • M4A4, M4A4 (1st PTG) - The maximum speed has been changed from 38 to 40 km/h. Source: Tank Data, US Army, US Army Ordnance School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland July 1958 // TM 9-754 Technical Manual Medium Tank M4A4 War Department Jan 21 1943
  • AUBL/74, AUBL/74 HVG - “NVD” modification has been added.
  • Vickers Mk.7 - A bug with the explosion of inert ammunition located above the turret ring level has been corrected.
  • 120 mm OFL G1, 120mm OFL F1 - The characteristics of shells have been revised and clarified. Errors in the penetration values in the penetration calculation have been corrected. You can see the changes in this sheet
  • 90mm M82 shell (T25, M36, M26, M26 T99, Super Hellcat) - Initial speed has been changed from 807 to 813 m/sec. Source: Handbook of Ballistic and Engineering Data for Ammunition, Volume II, dated July 1950, 90-mm Gun M3 Mounted in Combat Vehicles, dated September 11, 1944.
  • 12.8 cm Pzgr.43 (Jagdtiger, E100, Maus) - Initial speed has been changed from 930 to 940 m/sec. Source: RH/8v 2848, Bundesarchiv Freiburg / Abteilung Militärarchiv. 
  • A bug where some HE shells would lose penetration over distances has been fixed.
  • Slightly more precise guidance available for surface-to-air missiles on targets with high tangential speed.

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Do 217 J-1, Do 217 J-2, Do 217 N-1,  Do 217 N-2 - The type of the aircraft has been changed to “Fighter”.
  • A2D, AM-1, Yak-2 KABB - Type of the aircraft has been changed to “Attacker”.
  • F-86K (Italy), Pyorremyrsky, T2 - Pilot model has been changed.
  • Yak-4 - Bomb sight has been added.
  • S.O.8000 Narval - Respawn possibility on an aircraft carrier in battle has been removed.
  • AH-1Z - The effect of screen exhaust systems on the guidance of the infrared air-to-air missile heads has been clarified.
  • F-86 (all modifications), MiG-15 (all modifications), Me 262 (all modifications) - Aileron damage after breaking off damaged tail upon impact with the ground has been fixed.
  • Bf 110 (all modifications) - Indication of the retract/extend of the chassis mechanization in case of damage to the main and tail struts of the chassis has been fixed.
  • B-17 (all modifications) - The armour of the lower ball defensive turret has been fixed.
  • MiG-15 bis ISH - Displaying of the bomb pylons in the version without suspended weaponry has been fixed.
  • EC-665 Tiger UHT, EC-665 Tiger HAD,  EC-665 Tiger HAP - In some variants of suspended weaponry the display of the presence of the Mistral missiles in the launch containers after launching a missile has been fixed.
  • F7F-3 , A2D, J-29D - G-Suit has been added.
  • G5N1 / G8N1 - Number of the crew members displayed in the vehicle card has been fixed.
  • BB-1, Su-2 (all modifications), A-20G, A-26B-10 - The variant of the weaponry preset without the suspended weapons has been added.
  • AH-1Z - The displaying of the aero pylons for the versions without AIM-9L missiles has been fixed.
  • F-4C Phantom II, Phantom FGR.2, Mitsubishi T-2 - The parameters of the ammunition used for the main armament have been clarified. Source: TM 43-0001-27 Army Ammunition Data Sheets, Small Caliber Ammunition, FSC 1305). Tracers have been added where it was necessary and tapes for hidden attack have been added as well.
  • F-4C Phantom II, Phantom FGR.2 - radar sensitivity to ground clutter has been specified.
  • Phantom FGR.2 —  Displaying of the central pylon when using a cannon pod has been fixed.
  • Spitfire F. 22 / 24 - Canon modification has been changed to the modification from the 43 year version.
  • Meteor F Mk.8 Reaper - Wrong modification of the use of the HVAR missiles has been removed.
  • P-51A - Machine gun ammunition belts have been replaced with wartime belts.
  • PV-2D - The need to purchase a standard armament preset has been fixed.
  • Hs 123 (all modifications), BTD-1, Fw 189, Yak-4 - The preset without suspended weaponry has been deleted.
  • Hunter F-6 - The need to research a modification of using of the SRAAM missiles for the usage of weaponry preset with SNEB missiles has been fixed.
  • H-34 - Selection of the belts for the M3 cannons has been added.
  • SB-2 (all modifications) - Correlation between the research of the modification and weaponry presets has been fixed.
  • G-Lynx, Lynx Mk.I - Selection of the belts for the Oerlikon Kad B canon has been added.
  • Мi-28Н - The possibility of penetration of the cockpit with 12.7 mm armour-piercing ammunition for frontal glas and 7.62 mm for side glasses has been fixed. 
  • AH-1Z,  Mi-28Н, EC-665 Tiger UHT, EC-665 Tiger HAD,  EC-665 Tiger HAP - Missile launcher indicator has been added, as well as automatic firing of the heat traps (flares) when missile or rocket approach is detected.
  • Pyorremyrsky - The possibility of using 50 kg bombs - 50 kg Model 1938 and 100 kg bomb 100 kg Model 1938 has been added.
  • МiG-15 - Armour has been fixed. Additional armour plate has been added, armoured seat has been removed.
  • Potez 633 - Armoured heading has been added.
  • Lincoln B Mk II - Ammunition boxes in the X-Ray view have been fixed.
  • PBY-5 (all modifications) - Armour has been fixed.
  • MiG-19PT — R-13M missiles have been removed from weapon setups, researched modification will be compensated.
  • M3 cannon - The colour of the tracer for the shells has been changed.
  • M-4, M-10 cannon - The duration of the self-destruction delay of the М54 HE shell has been changed to 8 seconds.
  • Н-37 cannon - Penetration value for AP and HE shells has been clarified.
  • Mk-108 cannon - Initial speed of the shells has been fixed.
  • M/49A, M/51, M/49 rockets - The main parameters have been clarified.
  • GSh-23-2 - The display of the number of cannons in the suspended UPK-23-250 containers in the weaponry presets has been fixed.
  • The accuracy of the helicopter ATGMs guidance on moving targets has been significantly improved. Now in automatic target tracking mode it will be easier to hit moving targets with semi-automatic line-of-sight (SACLOS)  ATGMs than with manual target tracking.
  • R-3S, AIM-9B air-to-air missiles —  overload boundary has been specified to real prototypes and summed up to 10G instead 6G.
  • Р-13М, Shafrir-1 - Characteristics in the vehicle card have been changed according to the real data.
  • Active afterburner on jet engines significantly increases heat signature of a target, heat seeker missiles have consequently increased lock distance. Lock distance may significantly surpass the launch distances at low and medium altitudes.

Flight Model changes

  • All helicopters - set course now remains precise whilst in hover mode. 
  • All helicopters - the autopilot, which operates when player turns on the gun sight, now can be adjusted to hold angular speed rather than angular position. I.e. you are now able to adjust roll and pitch with short key strokes. To do so, use the new option “Helicopter autopilot in the gun sight” with “damping” option.
  • Ki-43-3 otsu - the Nakajima Ha-112 engine has been changed to the Nakajima Ha-115II. You may learn the full flight characteristics from the datasheet.
  • I-225 - a bug has been fixed with insufficient engine power in WEP mode. 
  • I-16 series - aircraft balancing has been adjusted in accordance to speeds (the controls have become clearer on the fill control mode). Inertia moments have been clarified. Extended gear creates a greater dive moment than before (landing and take off has become easier). 
  • I-301 - unused wing fuel tanks have been removed from the model. 
  • Fury Mk.1/2, Nimrod Mk1/2, ki-10 1/2 - the weight of all parts has been clarified, pitch stability has been improved. Steering reaction at low speed has been improved. Propeller spin of the airflow has been adjusted, the same with propeller group inertia. Inverted flight time has been improved. Brakes now operate more efficiently.
  • I-180 - the FM has been adjusted in accordance to the extended flight tests results of the third unit. Minor changes in speed and climb rate have been added to the datasheet. Aileron reaction has been improved for high speeds, worsened at low speed. The combat position of flaps has been removed, pneumatic flaps have been added. Max dive speed increased. Cable wires to ailerons and the elevator have been changed to tubular, the damping moment of controls has been reduced. Reduced pressure on the stick at high speeds. TsAGI R2 profile has been updated in accordance to wind tunnel tests, which allow higher angles of attack. Speed drop in gliding has been reduced. The weight of all parts on the aircraft made in accordance to test figures. Inertia of the propeller group has been reduced significantly. Airflow affect on take-off is now more accurate. Empty aircraft weight with oil has been increased in accordance to the weighting before testing. 
  • P-51a, Mustang Mk.IA - flight model has been completely reworked. See details in aircraft’s datasheet.

Naval weaponry

  • Armour-piercing values for all armour-piercing, semi-piercing and HE shells with a base fuze has now been converted using the Jacob De Marra formula.
  • Search radars, escort radars and artillery fire directors have been added for the first group of naval vessels, including:
    • SKR Project 159 (search radar + tracking radar)
    • SKR Project 35 (search radar + tracking radar)
    • Pr.206 (search radar + tracking radar)
    • Pr.206М (search radar + tracking radar)
    • TS-Boot Proj. 206 (search radar + tracking radar)
    • Ashville (Search Radar + Fire Director)
    • Chikugo (search radar + radar tracking)
    • PG02 (search radar + tracking radar)
    • Isuzu (search radar + fire director)
    • Albatros-Klasse (143) (search radar + tracking radar)
  • Search radars and radar trackers operate similar to ground force radars. Search radars have a detection radius of more than 50km. Tracking radars give target designation at a distance of up to 30km.
  • Fire directors give target designation at a distance of up to 5 km and can capture a target only spotted with binoculars.
  • You can setup radar controls in the control menu, ground vehicles weapons section.
  • Please note that this is a test application of radars in naval battles. Based on statistics and experience with this application, radar parameters may change in the future.
  • Types of available shells for the American 127-mm/38 Mk.12 cannon has been fixed, a new shell has been added. Now the cannon has following shells:
    • Mk.34 AAC (HE);
    • Mk.32 common (SAP - semi-armour piercing);
    • Mk.46 Special Common (semi-armour piercing with ballistic cap);
    • Mk.31 AA-VT (HE variable time fuze).
  • The cannon is used on following ships:
    • Farragut (DD-355)
    • Fletcher (DD445)
    • Cowell (DD-547)
    • Bennion (DD-662)
    • Sumner (DD-692)
    • Somers (DD-381)
    • USS Helena (CL-50)
    • USS Atlanta (CL-51)
  • Mk.16 Special common semi-armour piercing shell of the American 102-mm/50 Mk.9 cannon has been fixed. Mk.15 HE shell with base fuze has been added. The cannon is used on following ships: Clemson (DD-336) and Clemson (DD-213).
  • 1934а and 1936b destroyers - torpedoes have been changed from model G7e to G7a
  • 37mm HE round for AN M4 gun - initial speed has been corrected.
  • Bofors 40mm cannon - clip capacity has been changed to 4 rounds, rate of fire remains unchanged.
  • 455mm Мк.XII torpedo minimal speed has been changed to 27 knots.
  • Elco 80 ft PT-556 - one of .50 Brownings on the bow dual MG station has been fixed. Previously it fired only one round. 
  • Jaguar Klasse (140) - a bug has been fixed with disappearing 40mm Bofors shells when switching shell type.
  • Moskva leader - traverse angles on the stern main calibre turret have been increased to +/-140.
  • The 20mm C/30 cannons have been replaced with the C/38 cannons on the following ships:
    • Type 1936B
    • Type 1936A (Mob)
    • Type 1939 (T22)
  • Type K-8 (1944) - Aiming point of the aft 13.2 mm Type 93 twin machine gun has been fixed.
  • Krasny Krym - the name of the rear 37 mm 70-K cannon has been corrected.
  • Pr.206M - 57mm armour-piercing BR281U shell has been added for research.
  • 88mm/76 SK C/32 (Koln, Nurnberg) shells - Initial speed has been changed from 820 to 1060 m/sec.
  • Tribal (F75), Haida (G63), Battle (D14), Class N (G25), Тype 1924 Leopard - The sectors in which the main calibre turrets can rotate and fire have been specified.
  • IJN Mogami - Elevation and traverse guidance angles for secondary 127 mm guns have been specified.
  • Ha-Go, Type 4 Model 2 — The type and the number of the depth charges have been changed.
  • A bug where the destroyed rotating torpedo launchers continued to rotate has been fixed.

Naval modifications and crew skills

Clemson (DD-336), Clemson (DD-213) - new 4 inch shells have been added: 

  • HE Mk.15 with base fuse;
  • AP Mk.16 special common

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model

  • Hullbreak parameters have been changed for boats. Depending on boat size and simultaneous damage caused by HE shells starting from a calibre of 100mm or higher in general will be fatal.
  • Admiral Hipper - main calibre turret armour has been fixed, armour plates added to the “Vierling” 20mm quad AA guns, number and size of the fuel tanks have been fixed, anti-torpedo bulkhead extended to armoured traverses. Conning towers have been added. The armour of the control-distance posts has been fixed.
  • MBK 161 (1943), Type 1936B, Type 1934A (1944) - aiming limits and dead zones of the main calibre turrets have been fixed. 
  • Pr. 30 Ognevoy - Bridge and radio room damage models have been fixed.
  • Type 1936B, Type 1934А (1940), Z20 Karl Galster, Type 1936, Type 1936B, Type 1934А (1944) - The missing ammo elevators for the main calibre turrets have been added.
  • IJN Ayanami, IJN Mogami, IJN Kiyoshimo - The number and position of the fuel tanks on the destroyers have been changed according to historical data.
  • T-51b - Engines (920 SHP engine (No.71 mod.6/ 71号6型)) and their numbers have been changed.
  • Clemson (L45) - Armour on the paired 12.7 mm turrets has been fixed.
  • LCS (L) — Roll whilst in fully repaired and functional condition has been fixed.

Naval Visual models and visual parts

  • IJN Mogami - The auxiliary calibre turret has been changed from Model A1 Twin to Model A1 Kai 1 Twin.
  • Type 4 Model 4 - Height of the platform and pedestal under the paired 20 mm gun has been increased.
  • Nürnberg - Shields for paired 20 mm machine guns have been added.
  • Krasny Kavkaz - A bug with incorrect displaying of the ship’s hull at long distance has been fixed.
  • Type 1934А (1944) - Position of the torpedoes in the torpedo launchers has been fixed.

Naval - Interface

  • 40mm Japanese auto cannon designation changed from 40mm/62 "HI" Type 91 AA gun to 40-mm/62 Vickers autocannon

Naval - Other

  • Sumner (DD-692) - The position in the research tree has been changed. New destroyer added ahead of it.

Economy and research

  • Be-6 - BR in SB game mode has been changed from 5.0 to 5.3
  • CL-13 Mk.4 - BR has been changed: in AB from 8.3 to 8.0; in RB from 9.3 to 8.7.
  • P-47D-28 (China) - BR in SB has been changed from 5.0 to 5.3.
  • Pyorremyrsky - Has been moved to rank III.
  • XM-1 GM - BR in all game modes has been changed from 9.0 to 9.3.
  • Char 25t - The position in the research tree has been changed. Now it is placed before the Lorraine 40t. 
  • AML-90 - Position in the research tree has been changed. Now it is on the place of Char 25t, before AMX-13-90.


  • Special task “Meteor Shower” now does not count helicopters.
  • New player icons have been added for ground forces, also for French, Italian, and Chinese air forces. Player icons unlock for completing tasks
  • New challenges have been added for Swedish air forces.


  • New orders and medals for China have been added.
  • New titles for receiving Chinese awards (orders and medals) have been added.


  • Night vision modification icon has been changed for helicopters with thermal imagers. 
  • It is now possible to lock on a target or on a point of interest from 3rd person view when using mouse pointer (mouse aiming mode) or on the helicopter course (in other control modes) on modern helicopters. It means that it is no longer necessary to switch to the sight view to lock on close targets. In 3rd person view the “Sight stabilization” button now captures the target or point and a new command “Disable sight stabilization” has been added which has been implemented to unlock.
  • When a helicopter locks on a target or point of interest from any view mode (3rd person view, cabin view, sight view) the corresponding indication is now visible in 3rd person view. Capture will be canceled if the target is outside the working corners of the optical sighting system.
  • For modern helicopters with automatic optical tracking the aiming point correction mode has been added with the auto tracking mode. To do this you need to press “Sight stabilization” button again and move the reticle to any place relative to the target being tracked. This function allows you to aim at individual parts of the target or to take a pre-emptive position.
  • When the radar tracks position of the locked target in optical sight mode, the locked target will now be the target selected by the player and not the one closest to centre. To do this, the selected target must be in the field of view of the optical sight. 

Game mechanics

  • Aiming mechanics for AI controlled AA guns of medium calibres has been changed for air battles in order to prevent direct hits to player controlled aircraft.
  • New option “Fix gun direction in mouse view” has been added. This option allows you to block turrets and guns rotation for ground vehicles and naval vessels while in mouse view (Controls - General - Camera Control).
  • In RB and SB modes ATGM now follow the crosshair, not the cursor position.
  • In SB mode, vehicles with laser rangefinders and gun stabilizers automatically adapt their sights to the measured range.
  • For ATGMs with a semi-automatic guidance system (2nd generation), as well as for SAMs with a command guidance system (2С6, ADATS, Roland, Stormer HVM) a visibility line check between the launcher and the missile has been added. To keep the missile on its intended trajectory, the launcher must maintain visibility of the missile. In cases where visibility of the missile is lost, control commands will no longer be transmitted to the missile and it will continue to fly at the velocity vector it had when visibility was lost. If a missile which has lost control returns to the launcher’s visibility line, missile control will be restored. Obstacles for the visibility line can include any landscape objects, or objects on the map like trees, including obstacles on the aircraft part of the map.
  • Requirements for some combat tasks have been adjusted:
    • “Set to Work”: AB: 4 → 2 (light), 10 → 7 (medium), 25 → 15 (special); RB: 8 → 6 (medium), 20 → 12 (special);
    • “Scout”: AB: 5 → 3 (light), 12 → 8 (medium), 30 → 20 (special); RB: 4 → 2 (light), 10 → 7 (medium), 25 → 15 (special);
    • “One Step Ahead”: AB: 6 → 3 (light), 14 → 8 (medium), 40 → 20 (special); RB: 5 → 2 (light), 12 → 7 (medium), 30 → 15 (special).

Examples of bugs corrected by player reports

We want to thank you for correctly created bug reports! Below you will find some of the bug fixes that were possible with your help. You as usual, continue to assist us to make War Thunder better!


  • A bug with the explosion of inert ammunition (when not containing explosive mass) has been corrected.
  • LCS (L) Mark.3 roll whilst in fully repaired and functional condition has been fixed.
  • Missing armour plates on the Ho-Ni 1 and Type 60 SPRG have been added.
  • Possibility of main calibre 360 degree rotation on the Type 1924 Leopard cannon has been added.
  • Incorrect 80 ft Nasty ammunition in the weapon preset without 20 mm mortar has been fixed.
  • Mismatches in the characteristics of the 130 mm OF-46 shell in different vehicles with B-13 (Su-100Y,  Pr. 7U Stroyny and others).
  • Protection of the upper fuel tank of the Spitfire LF Mk IXc (USSR, USA) has been removed in line with similar models in the British research tree.
  • Many possibilities to leave the game zone on the location “Advance to the Rhine” where a player could get an advantage for one of the teams have been corrected.
  • The incorrect display of a shell’s flight in naval battle replays has been fixed (hits were calculated correctly in reality).
  • A slight shift of the ground vehicle sight which occurred when exiting the “aimed in zoom” mode has been fixed.


  • Technologies added (currently disabled for Xbox consoles): 
    • Scalable global illumination (GI) .
    • HDR .
  • The effects of sparks from hits, explosions, fires, and gunshots have been given a physical model for more accurate visualization.


  • The game’s sound system has been drastically reworked. CPU load has been reduced due to: 
    • sound processing block optimization;  
    • new RAM compression methods for a part of sound assets;  
    • composition changing of a large number of sound events in order to reduce the number of simultaneously playing sound assets.

The War Thunder Team