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Battle Pass in War Thunder!

Battle Pass comes to War Thunder! It is a seasonal event, where you can take part any time you like. Get handy combat items, and exclusive items! Decals, titles, decorations, avatars, and even Premium vehicles!

We will announce the start of the first Battle Pass season when it's ready.

In Battle Pass, you earn progress points and progress through the levels. Every level gives access to a special prize.


Every season of Battle Pass introduces new and exclusive prizes. Here are some examples of the rewards you can receive in the first season:


Matilda Hedgehog (Britain)


ORP Garland (H37) (Britain)


F2G-1 Super Corsair (USA)



The unique Australian modification of the British Matilda tank used to storm enemy positions in the Pacific Theatre. An anti-submarine bomb launcher (!) with 7 HESH bombs has been mounted near the tank engine and transmission module.  

This destroyer built in the middle of the 1930’s saw service in the Mediterranean, the Northern Convoys and even in Africa. During the war it served in the Polish Navy, was seriously damaged several times but not destroyed! 

A version of the legendary carrier aircraft with an incredibly powerful 3000 hp engine. One of the versions was the “Super Corsair” that was created to become an effective means of dealing with Japanese kamikaze aircraft. 

An improved modification of the latest soviet serial heavy T-10 tank. This armoured giant was equipped with a gun stabiliser and a night vision device.

Battle Pass

Any player can progress through levels and get prizes marked as “Free”, including Premium vehicles and exclusive items.

To get prizes from all levels, purchase the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass can be purchased for Golden Eagles. After purchase, it is active all season long, and its owner can obtain prizes from every level, even from those completed earlier. It is up to you to decide when you like to buy your Battle Pass.

How to take part

Every level unlocks with 10 progress points. Earn progress points in battle, by completing special challenges, or just logging in to the game even if you don’t have a purchased Battle Pass.

Enter the game

Every day you will earn progress points in addition to your daily reward.

The more consecutive day-to-day logins, the more progress points you get, from 1 to 5 daily.

Complete Battle Tasks

Completed Battle Tasks now bring additional bonuses in progress points.

Easy tasks - 2 points; Medium tasks - 3 points; Special tasks - 5 points.

Complete Season Challenges

New feature of the Battle Pass seasons.

Get 3 Season Challenges when the season starts, and get an additional challenge every week.

A completed Challenge grants 30 progress points at once!

See the War Thunder Wiki to learn more details!

Battle Pass on the WT Wiki

Battle Tasks changes

You will get additional progress points as a reward for completing daily Battle Tasks. Warbonds can now be achieved by unlocking Battle Pass levels. 

  • Easy and medium Battle Tasks now give 2 and 3 progress points respectively.
  • A Special Battle Task can be purchased for purchase permission. Permission is granted on every completion of a medium Battle Task. You are able to collect permissions throughout the season and use them at your own discretion. Special Battle Tasks give you 5 progress points after they are completed.


Q. How long does a season last?

  • The minimum duration for a season is 75 days. But it may also be longer, depending on the calendar and other in game events.

Q. Can I earn progress points and receive prizes after a season ends?

  • No, after the season ends any earning of progress points will be disabled until the start of a new season. Please note also that all earned in the current season permissions for performing (Special) tasks will be reset. So you will not be able to “stockpile” them between seasons.

Q. Will it be possible to use the awards after a season ends?

  • Yes, all rewards will remain with you after a season ends. Some of the prizes are exclusive and can be received only during the season, but you can use them without any restrictions.

Q. How do I purchase a “Battle Pass”?

  • The "Battle Pass" and "Improved Battle Pass" can be purchased for Golden Eagles on the special in-game page. You can also purchase “Battle Pass” levels for Golden Eagles.

Q. What will happen if I purchase a “Battle Pass” after a season has started, in the middle or at the end of the season?

  • You will receive all the rewards you have earned, both exclusive and free, up to your current “Battle Pass'' level at the end of the event. Taking into account that the speed of earning progress points is not reliant on the purchase of a “Battle Pass” nor is it necessary to purchase a “Battle Pass” immediately. However it is not advisable to delay its purchase as a late receipt of the part of the “Battle Pass” rewards may deprive you of your well-deserved competitive advantage in the peak season.     

Q. Why is it preferable to purchase the “Improved Battle Pass”? Does it give any special prize?

  • An “Improved Battle Pass” doesn't give access to any special new prizes, but it does open 15 levels of the “battle Pass” immediately, which is 20% of the entire basic prize table. 

Q. Do I have to purchase a "Battle Pass"? Is it possible to receive rewards for free?

  • It isn’t necessary to purchase a “Battle Pass”. In any season, a significant part of the prize fund is free, including one of the exclusive premium vehicles. Also all the Warbonds within the main part of the prize table are free.

Q. Can I earn progress points on any vehicles and in any game modes?

  • The process of earning progress points is universal in terms of awards for entering the game. Earning the Daily Battle Tasks are traditionally connected with random battles with restrictions on low rank vehicles. Accordingly, earning on Season Сhallenges of the “Battle Pass” is made by analogy with daily tasks and are also connected to random battles and has restrictions on the Battle Rating of the vehicles. On some vehicle types there are no restrictions at all: you can earn progress points in all vehicle types; aircraft, ground vehicles, naval vessels and helicopters.

Q. As the known number of Warbonds that you can collect is limited. What will happen if my prize in the Warbonds exceeds this limit? Will it just “expire” to nowhere?

  • No, earned Warbonds will not “expire”. The awarding of a prize will just be postponed until you have spent an amount of Warbonds to fit the limit for the selected prize. For example: you have already 500 Warbonds and your prize, which you will receive, is assessed by 1000 Warbonds. The limit is 1000. So you will not receive your prize (for 1000 Warbonds) till you will spend at least 500 in the Warbonds shop.  

Q. Will I be able to trade received coupons on the market?

  • Yes, but the coupons can only be traded on the market 75 days after it is received.

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