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New hangars

In the War Thunder “New Power” update you will meet new hangars for all vehicle types.

Let us take a closer look at them!

Ground vehicle hangar

War Thunder ground vehicles have moved from a tight repair workshop to a spacious military base located in a mountain valley. There is a lot of life here - mechanics have just finished work on preparing the vehicle for the battle, army trucks rush around elsewhere, free crews participate in training honing their shooting skills, overhead aircraft fly over. In closed hangars vehicles from your collection wait their turn. On the flatbed of a military transporter an armoured vehicle  that has just arrived at the location waits for you to click on it to learn more about the novelty.


Aircraft hangar

Not too far from the ground forces there is a lot of activity for aircraft and helicopters. Mechanics discuss some technical issues, the weaponsmith checks the bombs in the warehouse and on the apron other player’s aircraft are parked.


Naval hangar

Player warships are located in the water of a wide bay near the military base. From here you can clearly see the bridge and cargo port of the seaside town. In addition to the currently selected naval vessel you will also see several other warships already researched by you as well as one of the premium ships that can be viewed in detail by clicking the mouse on them. Hydroplanes and flying boats will also be displayed here in the port area before battle.


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