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T95E1: The Contender
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The T95 was developed as a potential replacement for the M48 Patton, which was initially started with the T54 project that offered few significant changes. Because of this, steps to promote further modernisation were taken. In early 1954 after many submitted plans, it was decided that 9 experimental machines would be produced. One of them would eventually become the T95E1, but without its specially recoilless, fixed, mounted cannon. A 90 mm T208 cannon with a classic recoil mount and without stabilisation systems was chosen instead.


Siliceous cored armour, a 90 mm hyper velocity T208 smoothbore recoilless cannon in a fixed mount capable of firing APFSDS shells, an electro-optical rangefinder, a hydropneumatic suspension, and a gas turbine engine, were just some of the ultra modern features that were initially planned, but not all were eventually delivered for the T95 American medium prototype tank developed in the mid to late 1950's.

While not initially planned, the vehicles were outfitted with an 8-cylinder AOI-1195 gasoline engine, delivering a maximum of 570 horsepower and a top speed of 56 km/h on a flat road. The Maximum amount of armour plating was 180 mm thick with a weight slightly exceeding 38 tons.

The project was eventually discontinued in 1960 due to each respective major element of the tank performing unsatisfactorily. Development for the turret however, was not - it was later utilised in the creation of the M60A1 Main Battle Tank.

War Thunder is a game, and as such, we can drive and experience the feel of many vehicles that were discontinued, cancelled or not deployed due to technical problems, political struggles and other issues not directly threatening the performance of the single respective machine. The T95E1 will be a great alternative to multiple versions of the Patton Medium tanks in the line of the American Ground Forces, delivering a great balance between the respective elements of the tank. 

Can’t decide what vehicle to choose from? Don’t know if the speed, the firepower or massive armour will fit your playstyle? Then, the T95E1 is the right vehicle for you!

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