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Sneak Peek about Update 1.59 'Flaming Arrows'
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Dear Players!

After previous developer diaries and official streams, today we'd like to present to you further information about the upcoming Update 1.59 'Flaming Arrows'. Many of the machines you have already seen in detail either live or through our developer diaries, follow the news!

New vehicles

Т-29  USA M48A1  USA LVT(A)-1  USA

M551 "Sheridan"  USA  B-18  USA

P-61  USA
B-29   USA
(updated model)
 Yak-30  USSR

Тu-4  USSR  IТ-1  USSR


(updated model)
 KV-II 754(r)   Germany

 RJpz-2  Germany  “Sturer Emil”  Germany  T-34-747(r)  Germany

Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.B  Germany
Hs-123   Germany

Bf-109-B2   Germany
(updated cockpit)
He-162-A1   Germany
{Special event aircraft}
He-219-A7   Germany

Halifax Mk.IIIa
Wyvern S.4

 Strv 81
 Cromvell Mk.V RP3

N1K1JA  Japan Ki-61-2  Japan N1K2  Japan
(updated models)

Missions and Locations

"Port of Novorossiysk" Aircraft Mission:
“[Operation] Boulogne-sur-Mer”

British Coast, France and English Channel (Aircraft)

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