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Meet Major Update “Apex Predators”!
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Brand new Rank VIII 4th generation aircraft with the iconic trio of the F-16, the MiG-29 and the Tornado! A selection of over 40 new and updated models of aircraft, ground vehicles and naval vessels. New models for naval crews with reworked voice overs for naval events, drop-tank mechanics, two new locations and as always, a long list of bug fixes and smaller updates and changes! Prepare yourself, Apex Predators have arrived in War Thunder!


New aircraft have arrived for every nation represented in War Thunder! Amongst them are the most advanced Rank VIII aircraft in the game, such as the Soviet MiG-29 (9-13) or the F-16A Fighting Falcon, available for USA, China, Israel and Italy!

Brand new mechanics for external drop tanks creates new possibilities for pilots of newly added Rank VIII aircraft! Secondary weapon customization options have been added to more than 20 aircraft and helicopters.

The new premium aircraft will help you reach Rank VIII and try out top new jets much quicker! Check out the MiG-21bis “Lazur-M”, F-104S-TAF Starfighter and Kfir Canard, as well as the F-4J(UK) Phantom II, J-7D and MiG-23ML!


Ground forces

More than 10 new and updated vehicles with SUB-I-II, Khalid and Magach 7C!


Seven new units, among them RN Duca degli Abruzzi, the most advanced vessel of the condottieri class and the American heavy cruiser, the USS Newport News (CA-148) that you can get in the Winter Quest event.

New locations and missions

Brand new Gold Quarry and a reworked, winter themed Poland map for Ground Battles!

Music and sound effects

Seven new tracks for high-ranked air and ground battles, a completely reworked existing soundtrack and brand new voiceover of commands for naval battles!

Download the update and join the battle!

Full list of changes

Players with Premium Accounts have been given an extra 12 hours of premium time!

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