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Pre-order: new rank VII Premium jet fighters (part 2)

Another three outstanding Premium jet fighters that will boost research for any aircraft in their nation, including the freshly announced rank VIII top-tiers!

McDonnell Douglas F-4J(UK) Phantom II

A special version of the legendary American Phantom II fighter, designed to reinforce the air defense forces of the British home islands. This Phantom received the designation F-4J (UK) and became one of the most technologically advanced versions of the famous jet fighter. The first 8 interceptors supplied to the Royal Air Force had tail codes T, I, G, E, R, S, Q, N - after the name of the 74th Tiger Squadron. One of the best aircraft of the West in the RAF livery is now a Premium!

Pre-order - F-4J(UK) Phantom II Pack
The Kit Includes:


Quick to break the sonic barrier, very high roll rate, excellent maneuverability with little energy loss, and decent air-to-air missiles make this member of the J-7 family one of China's best aerial dogfighters. However, the J-7D can also work effectively against ground vehicles! A ballistic computer helps to precisely target every single bomb or anti-tank rocket, while the radar warning system keeps a pilot aware of possible AA threats.

Pre-order - J-7D Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • J-7D (Rank 7, China)
  • 2500 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 20 days;
  • Pre-order bonus: "Pioneering" title;
  • Pre-order bonus: Unique prototype camouflage.


An improved version of the formidable MiG-23M Flogger-B, a high-speed multirole jet fighter with a variable sweep wing and a more powerful engine. High altitudes are where the MiG-23ML is at its element, combining speed over Mach 2 with a wide range of air-to-air missiles, including the advanced R-24 series and the all-aspect agile R-60M. When hunting the ground targets, be sure to try the massive S-24B unguided rockets and the heavy-load Kh-23M missiles with manual guidance.

Pre-order - MiG-23ML Pack
The Kit Includes:
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