May Sale in the Gaijin Store!
To celebrate ‘Victory in Europe’ Day, we are temporarily returning rare bundles with themed vehicles to the store!
Huge May Sale in War Thunder!
Let us meet May with a large-scale sale that each commander can use to easily fill the hangar with new vehicles and purchase many other valuable items. Time to spend your Golden Eagles wisely!
Unique pack “Edge of Shell”
In the not-too-distant future, a race of aliens called the "The Red Team" invades Earth. Battles rage on the ground, in the water and in the air. No army in the world can resist the invaders. No army, but one snail.
Moments of Valour: The Turkish Armed Forces
Currently more than 700,000 Turkish players have played War Thunder and they are an important part of the global community. In gratitude for their interest we have prepared a special trailer dedicated to the brave Turkish tankers and pilots.
Tigor Tshirt!
The War Thunder community has requested these designs for a long time! The previously rare Tigor T-shirt is now available, alongside Gaijilla and, of course, our beloved Nigel.
  • 21
  • 14 February 2023
Happy Lunar New Year!
On January 22nd the East welcomes the arrival of the new year: the year of the rabbit! Congratulations to everyone who celebrates! Let us light up the lanterns, launch fireworks into the sky — and, of course, give out gifts!
  • 21
  • 18 January 2023
War Thunder winter Sale!
A second wave of discounts is here!
  • 29 December 2022
Pre-order: new rank VII Premium jet fighters (part 2)
Another three outstanding Premium jet fighters that will boost research for any aircraft in their nation, including the freshly announced rank VIII top-tiers!
  • 15
  • 13 December 2022
War Thunder winter season merchandise
The holidays are coming, it's time to put on your festive camouflage! Check out our latest fashion suggestions for the 2023 winter season
  • 9 December 2022
Pre-order: new rank VII Premium jet fighters (part 1)
Pre-order new store packs with Premium aircraft of rank VII with unique bonuses!
  • 45
  • 8 December 2022
War Thunder 10 year anniversary merchandise
A mere month ago War Thunder turned 10 years old. We hope you participated in the festivities with us and we are also happy to announce another part of our celebration: a special batch of merchandise to commemorate this important date!
  • 7 December 2022
Black Friday Bundle!
Special Black Friday bundle!
  • 24
  • 22 November 2022
War Thunder Birthday Sale in Store!
The War Thunder Anniversary special sale in the Gaijin.NET store — 40 offers with vehicles with 50% discount! Boost your progress, or kick start research in any tech tree from any gaming nation!.
  • 97
  • 7 November 2022
"D-Day" 2022 bundle -50%
On the 6th of June 1944, a date known as “D-Day” , the largest landing operation in history, Operation Neptune, took place. More than 150,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on a mission to liberate Europe from German oppression.
  • 3 June 2022
May Sale!
Customizable bundles with rare vehicles!
  • 5 May 2022
Day of the South African armed forces
South African National Defence Force (SANDF) day is celebrated annually on the 21st of February. SANDF comprises all major armed forces, including ground, air and naval forces. South African combat vehicles may be found in War Thunder too! For example, the agile and deadly Rooikat, much appreciated by our community.
  • 16
  • 18 February 2022
Bonus Golden Eagles when using Razer Gold!
20% of Golden Eagles when purchasing 2500 Golden Eagles or over via Razer Gold!
  • 16 February 2022
The New Year Sale!
Unique bundles and standalone packs with discount!
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