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Pyörremyrsky: The Nordic Whirlwind

The VL Pyörremyrsky is a Finnish late war prototype fighter aircraft, developed in an attempt to secure Finland’s independent domestic fighter production in the face of the worsening war situation. Despite never making it out of the prototype stage, pilots will soon have the chance to take to the skies in the highly interesting VL Pyörremyrsky in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.93!

Briefly: A late war Finnish prototype fighter, designed to match the German Bf 109 in performance, but optimized for domestic production in Finland.

Valmet (VMT)/VL Pyörremyrsky, fighter, premium, Sweden, II rank.


  • Good flight characteristics
  • Bonus rewards from premium status


  • Lack of secondary weapons
Pre-order - Pyorremyrsky Pack
Pre-order - Pyorremyrsky Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • Pyorremyrsky (Rank 2 Sweden) - available after 1.93 update;
  • 1000 Golden Eagles;
  • Premium account for 7 days;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Hurricane" decal;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique "Tornado" title.

The first two aircraft from the Swedish air forces will be available in upcoming update 1.93 “Shark attack”. The closed beta-testing of the Swedish air tech-tree will begin later, in the following War Thunder major update.


In late 1942, realizing that their dependence on foreign military equipment is a great weakness in wartime, the Finnish government issued a set of specifications for a domestic fighter design in an effort to address this problem. At the same time, plans were being assessed for the viability of creating a domestic licence production of the Bf 109G - a fighter already in service with the Finnish Air Force at the time.

However, due to the limited resources and production facilities available, domestic licence production wasn’t possible and an independent design was favoured instead. Thus, an order for the construction of two prototypes of the new design was ordered in April 1943. The aircraft was built around the DB605 engine, the same one used on the Bf 109G, which resulted in the entire nose section of the machine being copied over from the German counterpart while the rest of the plane was of entirely unique design and even addressed some problems faced by the Messerschmitt, such as the troublesome landing gear.

However, with the worsening war situation and eventual ceasefire, development of the VL Pyörremyrsky (“whirlwind” in Finnish) slowed down. The sole completed prototype undertook its maiden flight in November 1945 and was test flown for roughly 30 hours before being retired in 1947. Interestingly, the prototype of the Pyörremyrsky survives to this day and is on display at the Aviation Museum of Central Finland in Tikkakoski.


In War Thunder, the Pyörremyrsky will not only be a highly interesting, unique and no less powerful aircraft in itself, but it will also be among the first vehicles available in the game as premium aircraft part of the new Swedish tree, coming to the game in the next major update. Additionally, being a premium machine available as part of a special pack in our online store, the Pyörremyrsky will offer its prospective owners full access to the Swedish aviation tree for the duration of its initial closed beta testing period in update 1.95!

Download Wallpaper:

The Pyörremyrsky can most easily be described as an attempt to create a machine nigh identical in performance to the Bf 109G, but adapted to the production capabilities and resources available to the limited Finnish wartime industry. As such, Finnish engineers fitted the Pyörremyrsky with the DB605 engine, the same one used on the German fighter, thus allowing the Pyörremyrsky to reach a maximum top speed of 620 km/h at an altitude of 6,400 m.

Fun Fact: The Pyörremyrsky received its factory number PM-1 based on the nickname “Puumersuksi” or “Wooden Messerschmitt” given to it due to its similarity to the Bf 109.

Not only is the Pyörremyrsky a close match to the Bf 109G when it comes to speed, but the Finnish design also offers a similar degree of maneuverability as its German cousin. As a result, veteran Bf 109 pilots will have no problems switching over to the Pyörremyrsky and vice versa, while newer pilots can look forward to a highly capable, fast and agile fighter aircraft, ideally suited for energy fighting at medium altitudes.

Although the armament of the  Pyörremyrsky isn’t as stellar as its flight performance, it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of and will most definitely get the job done during dogfights. Namely, the aircraft is armed with a single 20mm MG151 cannon and a pair of 12.7mm heavy machine guns, all of which are housed within the plane’s nose section.

The Pyörremyrsky is coming to War Thunder as part of the upcoming update 1.93 and will give each pilot the chance to prove their sisu behind the controls of this highly interesting fighter aircraft. In the meantime, stay tuned to find out what else update 1.93 has in store for you. Until then, clear skies and happy hunting pilots!

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