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Meet update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea” - Survey added!
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Meet update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea”

Naval battles OBT, British Royal Navy, German helicopters, new ground vehicles and aircraft, and much more! All aboard!

Navy of the three nations has been tested and added to the game  - over German, Soviet and American vessels join the game. Also several locations in various climat zones have been prepared. We are happy to invite you to Naval battles - OBT begins today! Join and decide how navy in War Thunder will look like.

Great Britain that was called the Mistress of the seas for a reason finally joins War Thunder!

Take part in our survey!

The Royal Navy

Besides that, helicopters are now also available for general public. Now all the players who achieved rank V vehicle of corresponding nation will be able to fly American, Soviet and German helicopters.

German helicopter research tree

Of course more ground vehicles and aircraft have been added - about dozen of new and updated vehicles.

And many other awesome features and changes in new update 1.83 “Masters of the Sea” Download and play now!


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