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UH-1D: The German Iroquois Helicopter

An export version of the American Iroquois for the German army with an enlarged fuselage, a new rotor system, and a new engine!


Experience using the UH-1 multipurpose helicopters revealed that this aircraft had no noticeable flaws and turned out to be quite effective. Needless to say, the success of the Iroquois helicopters did not go unnoticed by allies of the United States. When the USA released the UH-1D model, the West German government agreed to purchase a license to manufacture the latest Iroquois helicopters at German factories, particularly those of the Dornier company. Between February 1967 and the end of 1981, German aircraft manufacturers constructed 352 UH-1D helicopters.

How is the UH-1D version of the Iroquois helicopter different from the base one? First of all, in terms of size. The payload of the UH-1B was increased greatly, so  in the UH-1D modification the fuselage was extended and widened, and the overall length of the helicopter was increased by over a metre. A new rotor that had a wider blade span was installed, as well as all-movable stabilizers like those in the UH-1C. The shape of the nose section of the fuselage was changed: the bottom of the hull was now rounded rather than flat, and the position of the antennae and signal lights were altered. The German manufacturer decided against the armoured pilots’ seats that were used in Iroquois helicopters during the Vietnam War, so the UH-1D has no armour on the seats. For the UH-1D in War Thunder, we have decided to introduce several weapon loadouts that have been used with the UH-1 series.


In the game, the UH-1D can be found at rank V in the German helicopter tech tree. Pilots of the German Iroquois helicopters will have access to six-barreled 7.62mm miniguns placed in two containers along the sides of the fuselage, unguided Hydra-70 rockets, and six AGM-22 ATGMs that can be used to penetrate most ground targets at its rank.

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Like the American UH-1B and UH-1C, the German Iroquois fits into rank V battles well, and it also has the same potential to take on more advanced vehicles. Since the helicopter has no seat armor and only one engine, the pilot will have to learn to avoid any enemy fire. It would also be wise to research flak jackets for pilots as your first modification. Before researching the ATGM we recommend avoiding large-scale skirmishes with ground vehicles and focus on destroying “snipers” and light armoured vehicles. However, you’ll have a lot more options once you’ve installed anti-tank missiles. Those six missiles will allow you to calmly pick off several enemies during every sortie. As long as you keep your distance, aim your missiles carefully, and stay out of the crosshairs of anti-air guns, you’ll be unmatched!

The UH-1D will be available for everyone after the release of the War Thunder update 1.83!

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