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Update 1.77 “Advancing Storm” highlights

Dagor Engine 5.0 — a new War Thunder game engine version will bring improved graphics and effects, fog, puddles, mud, realistic landscapes and awesome sound.   

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New Landscape

A new level of detail for surfaces in all ground locations.  The landscape has become more photorealistic, and vehicles suspension will work on lesser uneven ground like ruts, features on dirt roads, and broken ground..

Illumination and anti-aliasing


Thanks to new lighting and shadowing technologies, the visuals have become more volumetric and natural. Pay attention to anti-aliasing as well - how building sides, grass, leaves and other smaller details are rendered in motion.  

Weather effects

Rain interacts with the environment - you can see water flowing down roofs, and mud and puddles appear on the roads. The fog drifts low over the surface, clouds float across the skies and the sun also moves from East to West in an astronomically correct way, according to the date and time of a battle and geographical latitude of a location.

Not only the owners of powerful computers will be able to see the improved picture, but even those who use “UltraLow” quality settings. In Dagor Engine 5.0 we have worked hard on the optimization.   


Great visuals need impressive sound!

Close your eyes and listen, you will find yourself in a real battle. Gunshots, explosions, aircraft roaring above - they spread wide and sound differently depending on a players position,  distance and environment - whether it is in the forest, field or urban area. Empty casings dropping, loading mechanisms and a breech shutter sounds will bring even more immersion.

New tanks and aircraft

About 20 new vehicles

Leopard 2K


Speed and power - a classic formula for the Leopard. Accurate weapon is combined with powerful 1500 h.p. engine! 

Т-64 B

No need for introduction. Soviet MBT line that has improved year after year. A universal machine.  

M1 Abrams

A true American legend, available soon in War Thunder!

Martin-Baker M.B.5


A British prop fighter that proved that even in the early jet era old school can still impress.



Soviet jet interceptor, fast and beautiful. Capable of traveling over 1000 km/h. Bombers, take heed!

1.77 “Advancing Storm”. In War Thunder Soon!

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