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Players who surprised us in January
From live.warthunder.com | Аuthor : ColonelKlink1942
From live.warthunder.com | Author ColonelKlink1942

All the heroes in this compilation will receive the in-game title “Five minutes of fame”. Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe you will be among our heroes in the future!


_A_R_A_R_A_T_V got the M10 Panther and associated himself as an American TD. Like he is the best Ersatz owner in destroying... Panthers. Like really? Is it even legal?

Well, it is. He never destroyed his teammates. Good job.


Many players are only disappointed when their vehicle is destroyed, but ayhan_10 shows us another story. He accepts it as a challenge - he must take revenge on his opponent! And he is quite good since he gets the “Avenger” achievement more often than any other player. Think twice before targeting this guy!

“Destroyer Destroyer”

This one is simple  Krach_bumm is the most efficient player who destroys destroyers with... Destroyers.


As for *endqn_tc - he is the guy, whose destroyers are most rarely destroyed by other destroyers. Them destroyers :)

The final two nominations gives us the classic "immovable object vs. unstoppable force" paradox. Finally we can see the answer, can't we? Unfortunately these players never met in the 200 battles they have played. So the answer is still to be found.

"Equality ranked" playstyle

ZEPPELIN_XD  is undecided. He can’t define what rank he prefers the most. That’s the only explanation we can find - he has spent an almost equal amount of time in battles at all the ranks available! His Zen deserves some respect.
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