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Players who surprised us in November
From live.warthunder.com | Аuthor : ghostplus
From live.warthunder.com | Author ghostplus

All the heroes in this compilation will receive the in-game title “Five minutes of fame”. Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe you will be among our heroes in the future!

“The white lightning”

cesium83 proved himself as the most efficient pilot in the “Normandie- Niemen” event. Congratulations!


Ebastard earned more warbonds during the previous month than anybody else and was the fastest to do so. Impressive!

“Lone wolf”

An interesting fact - some players prefer the single player game in War Thunder. Meet Konstantin201205 - a true lone wolf, who spent many hours in this mode.

“Close quarters“

“I looked them right in the eyes!” DNO_Vseya_Rusi enjoys really close combat, like 10 metres close - he is the one who destroyed the most enemies at that range.


And we have one very active player here. More than half of Sib_Dexter’s battles are played with 100% activity
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