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Players who surprised us in June

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8 frags in a battle last week and this one pushed the enemy in the lake - achievements? Achievements! But there are some players for whom this is just a trifle. Today we present to you 5 players that really surprised all of us in June! Some of them are talented players in the game, but others just get lucky.  

Remember: now all the heroes in this compilation will receive the in-game title “Five minutes of fame”.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe you will be among our heroes in the future!

The Last hero

The Last hero of our previous “Battle Royale” mode — not so long ago tens of thousands of players took part in this event and of course among them there were unsurpassed masters who did not leave their competitors a square centimeter on top!
In Arcade Battles there is gryarik — 55 victories! In Realistic Battles there is F3N0m — 27 victories!

  • Replay one of the gryarik’s battles
  • Replay one of the F3N0m’s battles

That's someone to be afraid of even in random battles!


PS4 Sniper

Console players are “unique”! Players with keyboard and mouse amuse themselves with this thought, but *FireStorm-X on the PS4 frags others with impunity from distances greater than a kilometer without any problems and becomes the most accurate console tanker in June! PS4 Sniper!


How will i recognize you?

“— How will i recognize you? — The Nickname above me will constantly change”.
It’s his hobby, why not? For him to change his nickname a dozen times in a month is just as easy as for you to butter some bread. Gypsy_Wizard, sorry for this, but we will "lit you up". You need to change your nickname once again. :)


Take a look at my machine guns!

Take a look at my machine guns! Brownings are powerful! And they are most damaging at close range! Closer than 100 metres! You earned this Newb_Becky — they have more than 900 frags in June piloting the Sabre, she shot down 48 bad guys from close range! 

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