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1 August 2017

Players who surprised us in July

Today we present to you 5 players that really surprised all of us in July! Some of them are talented players in the game, but others just get lucky.

Remember: now all the heroes in this compilation will receive the in-game title “Five minutes of fame”.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe you will be among our heroes in the future!


*Lena-Zimin has won more than 150 tank battles without destroying a single enemy vehicle! But don't misunderstand his intentions. He works really hard on capturing the points, disabling your engine or destroying your tracks. *Lena-Zimin just doesn't want to upset you by sending you back to hangar.


Join the army, they said. See the world, they said.

But this time it was all true. Cerberus_999458 has seen over 200 different combinations of maps and game modes while playing random battles last month. Such a simple achievement.


On your mark, get set, research!

The most impatient lovers of Italian planes bought or earned access to testing. Others researched aircraft as they were opened. But cxy20020327 is not one of those players! He patiently waited for the opening of the entire italian tree, and only then did he rush to reduce the gap. And he succeeded!


The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on.

npcr80 courageously pursues all bombers passing by him. But courage is not always enough for success and he has lost his fighters one by one much more frequently than any other players. 


David And Goliath.

On the other hand it looks like eiwe was really impressed by the story about David And Goliath. He is not scared by a difference in ship's sizes and holds the absolute record for the number of destroyers sunk by torpedoes released from a motor torpedo boat.

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