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Players who surprised us in October

This time categories were inspired by music and are devoted to the in-game events. First two players took part in the “Still waters” event:

All the heroes in this compilation will receive the in-game title “Five minutes of fame”.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and maybe you will be among our heroes in the future!

“Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer”

It’s hard to say whether Elephant777 has something personal against FW-189 or he just enjoys the mission. Anyway he managed to complete the goal 60 times! Congratulations!

“Stronger Than All”

Husarz44 proved his skill in the Simulator mode of this event. Almost every mission he took part in was victorius. A true ace!

Next two categories are connected with Halloween events:

“Night witches”

We can’t say that we are surprised with the winner in this category. Meet the mighty Po-2 races master - Fins_FinsT! He is virtually the best racer in War Thunder!

“Highway to hell”

Hellcat on a spooky ride - korban_mihail proved to be the best in these tank competition leaving everyone else behind.

“Through the fire and flames”

Some people complain that it’s incredibly difficult to reach a destroyer whilst flying an aircraft. Vlad44644 thinks otherwise - he is the most efficient bomber pilot in War Thunder when it comes to fighting destroyers.

The War Thunder Team

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