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The 5 Most Anticipated Machines of 1.57
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Dear Players!

Spring finally came into its own, and with it is coming the new major War Thunder Update 1.57 "Battle March". Two new locations for combined battles, plenty of new ground vehicles and aircraft for all nations, the new game mechanic allowing one member of the crew to control a vehicle and further improvements for the game - already very, very soon!

Take a look at some of the highlights in the upcoming Update 1.57 in the Teaser below:

But what amongst all this variety deserves special attention? Let's look at the five most interesting vehicles that have received the most votes in our recent poll about "Battle March"!

#1 - Chieftain Mk. 3

The one vehicle that immediately caught the attention of everyone was undoubtedly the new British top-tier main battle tank - the Chieftain Mk.3. Spotted early by the watchful eyes of our Community as it was hidden in plain sight in the Teaser trailer, this masterpiece of engineering will surely leave its mark on the battlefields of War Thunder's Rank V. With an APDS round featuring 400mm of penetration, it's surely up to the task. Read more...

#2 - Do 335

This German aircraft certainly has grabbed the attention of many pilots. What’s more, it will appear in the German research tree in three modifications, of which two are researchable and one premium, right from the start! With its two engines in a tandem arrangement, three cannons (at least!) plus additional bomb hangers, it has gained great fame before it could even participate in its first real battle! Read more...

#3 - P-61 "Black Widow"

This upcoming American aircraft has the potential to become many player's favourite. Expensive to produce and sophisticated in every way, the Black Widow historically did excellent at whatever task it was supposed to do. From all the aircraft we have announced so far for the Update, this deadly American lady was only surpassed by the German Do-335 - and that for a very good reason! Read more...

#4 - Sd.Kfz. 164 Nashorn

Leading the hype train of open-topped German tank destroyers coming with Update 1.57 undoubtedly is the German Nashorn. Featuring the King Tiger's deadly 88 mm cannon at Rank III, the only real weakness it has is it's armour - but to the clever tactician, this will not be an issue. We can't wait to see your epic plays in this dream-come-true for all sniper players! Read more...

#5 - T26E4 Super Pershing

This unique conjunction of the American Pershing and German Panther will surely come in handy for any fan of American ground vehicles. It's great firepower and additional armour protection will enable it to take on King Tigers and the like with reinforced confidence, which is surely one of the reasons why our Community ranked it as the fifth anticipated vehicle - with the additional surprise of it not being a Premium! Read more...

These are only five highlighted vehicles from dozens that will be available very soon in Update 1.57 “Battle March”. To field test them you will also be able to access two brand-new locations: Volokolamsk and Frozen Pass.

Read our Devblogs, stay tuned with the news on our official  YouTube channel and be ready to “Battle March”!

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