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War Thunder Launches in Vietnam
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FPT and Gaijin Entertainment announce the Vietnamese open beta launch for the award winning F2P cross platform WWII MMO game War Thunder. PC gamers in Vietnam are now able to join forces and battle for air and land supremacy due to FPT’s stand alone server.
“War Thunder is an amazing title that fans in Vietnam have been asking for and we are excited to collaborate with Gaijin Entertainment to bring War Thunder to market. War Thunder is famous all over the world and now our country’s gamers will get the chance to show how good they are at military games. Let the battle begin!” says Mr. Quyet Pham, project manager at FPT.
“Gaijin Entertainment stands committed to developing the best military MMO simulation game in the industry and War Thunder is a proud example of that. We have more than 8 million players and our community continues to grow. We want to expand into new markets and we have been looking for the right partner to help us bring War Thunder to Vietnam and FPT is that partner,” says Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin Entertainment.

War Thunder becomes available in Vietnam today, on the 25th of September. For more information vietnamese players are welcome to visit War Thunder offlicial website - wt.gate.vn

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