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Air Races
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Our new race mode brings more opportunities into War Thunder, thus opening new horizons for cyber sport aviation and along with that - for creating racing camouflages, maps and even aircraft, making air sport contests a logical development of the cybersport aspect of the project.

Along with aerobatics, this type of contests shows the pilot’s skills: his reaction and vigilance and strict criteria for situational awareness allow to discover the best racers in the available game modes.

The newly introduced race track “Tropical island” is abound with cascades of unexpected turns and hazards, which keep the pilot in constant strain. The traversing of the track requires vigilance and attention to achieve most efficient flight trajectory, so that you won’t loose a single second due to mistakes. Several machines racing in three dimensions will allow to find out who is the most cool-blooded master of speed track traversion with most self-confidence.

Players will be able to join this exciting game mode starting with the upcoming War Thunder Update 1.43 - so fasten your seatbelts, as the race will start soon!

The War Thunder Team


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