War Thunder background
War Thunder: Update 1.55 "Royal Armour"

We would like to proudly announce the major
War Thunder Update 1.55 "Royal Armour"!

Update 1.55 - "Royal Armour"

New Vehicles

New Locations and Missions

  • “Tunisia” - New desert location for combined battles (available within the following game modes: Domination, Battle, Capture)
  • "Second Battle of El Alamein" - New desert location for combined battles available within the following game modes: Domination, Battle, Conquest).

Game mechanics

  • Battle tasks - personal missions, complete them and get rewards (will become available a few days after the Update release)

Changes in Locations and Missions

  • Minimap in the mission briefing screen has been improved

Research and Economy

  • M10 17pdr Achilles was moved to 3rd rank without BR changes

Changes in Flight Models

Changes in Ground Vehicles Armament

  • Fire rate for the 75mm M6 cannon has been increased from 9 to 9.3 shots per minute (M24 tank).


  • Wheeled vehicles driving performance on roads, snow, sand and dirt tracks has been improved.


  • Sounds for the following weapons have been reworked: D10-T, L7, Oerlikon 20mm cannon, QF6 57mm gun, QF32 94mm gun.
  • New sounds for Vickers .303 and BESA MG’s.
  • Turret rotation sounds reworked according to their historical characteristics.
  • Voice-overs for Turkish localization have been updated.
  • M2 MG sound has been fixed (for ground vehicles).
  • Engine screeching sounds for the trucks have been removed.


  • Fixed and improved head tracking using Playstation Camera.


  • Landing or “ditching” on the surface of water is now possible for all aircraft, not only for floatplanes and seaplanes.
  • Floating (Amphibious) capability is now available for the PT-76.
  • Time required for the vehicle to be covered in dust while moving on sandy and dusty roads has been increased.