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"Royal Armour" - Crewman
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From 07:00 GMT on the 19th of December till 07:00 GMT on the 27th of January:

Complete specific tasks every day and earn the "Tester’s stars"
to gain access to the British Ground Forces CBT!

We would like to announce an additional call to participate and became a “Tester”. To join this team you now only need need to unlock 7 “Tester stars” instead of the previous 12.

Have you already received the required number of stars? Then, you already have full access to the British ground forces research tree!

Hurry up - this is not only the last chance to be among the first players to be able to access British ground vehicles, but also the last opportunity to unlock a unique forum title!

Thanks to the testing crewmen the following British ground vehicles are available for all players: A13 Mk.I, Crusader Mk.II, Tetrarch Mk.I, T17E2, A13 Mk.II, Valentine Mk.I, Cromwell V, Valentine Mk.XI, AC Mk.II AA and Cromwell I, 3 inch Gun Carrier, Valentine Mk.IX, Churchill Mk.III, Archer, Crusader AA Mk.II, Sherman Firefly, Thunderbolt

Latest additions: Achilles. A22 Churchill Mk. VII

Open your access to the British ground forces research tree - become a “Royal Armour” crewman!

How to become a tester?

Method 1

Beginning from the 19th of December, participate in random battles and earn “Tester’s stars” for every 5 victories with an activity of at least 80% activity. You can earn 1 star a day.

Win 12 7 stars and gain access to the British Ground Forces CBT and also receive the forum award “Royal Steel”. Simple!
You can follow your progress through your profile -> Achievements -> British Ground Forces CBT.

Method 2

Become the owner of the one of the following bundles with British premium vehicles and get your tester’s access and forum award immediately! 

War Thunder - Royal Guard Advanced Pack

A43 Black Prince Advanced Pack
Sherman Firefly IC Advanced Pack
M10 Achilles Starter Pack
A13 Mk.II Starter Pack

You already own one of these? Then put the kettle on, because you are a tester already!

The War Thunder Team

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