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War Thunder "Sky Guardians" - Changelog
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The first units for the French naval tree, new and updated graphical effects and data structure optimization along with ejection seats for selected modern jets. Amongst the 43 new as well as updated vehicle models, one can't help but mention the real behemoth - the Char2, the agile AH-6M "Little Bird" helicopter or the first French light cruiser; Duguay-Trouin!. In addition to all this, the winter version of the location "Seversk", a new location for fans of avionics - Pyrenees, and as always, many improvements and fixes! Let's welcome the "Sky Guardians" update!


18 new and updated aircraft, among them the unique Yak-141, refreshed models of the huge Lancasters and the long-awaited MiG-29 for the German tree and a special version of the F-16 for Japan!



  • MiG-29A
  • Hunter F.58
    (squadron vehicle)


  • Yak-141
  • Krasnolutsky’s I-15bis (Premium)

Great Britain

  • Tornado F.3
  • Beaufighter Mk.VIc
    (updated model)
  • Beaufighter Mk.X
    (updated model)
  • Beaufighter Mk.21
    (updated model)
  • Lancaster Mk.I
    (updated model)
  • Lancaster Mk.III
    (updated model)



  • F-84G-31-RE (Premium)


  • F-16A ADF
    (improved model)
  • P-47D-30
  • Ro.44


  • Kurnass 2000

Ground vehicles

Each nation will be enriched with a new machine! Among them, the iconic in some circles "little tank", the Sd.Kfz.222 (in versions for Germany and China!), heavy tanks like T1E1, Char 2C or Churchill NA75 and the long-awaited Italian Ariete AMV PT1!


  • T1E1



Great Britain




  • Ariete AMV PT1


  • Char 2C


  • ItPsV 90


  • Merkava 4 LIC


Don't let the AH-6M "Little Bird"'s apparel fool you! In the right hands, this bird will be a terror on the battlefields!

Naval Fleet

10 new naval vessels are coming, among them the mighty USS Nevada and the heralded long-awaited French ships MN Aigle and Duguay-Trouin!



  • Pfeil


  • MPK 204

Great Britain

  • HMS Whitby (Premium)
  • HMCS Terra Nova




  • RN Duilio

New mechanics and graphical updates

Pilots should be delighted! Ejection seats, an updated steam cone effect, new contrail and flow separation effects and updated damage effects are already waiting for you.

New locations and missions

Location and mission updates

  • A few missions have a new layout of airfields designed for high rank battles. The airfields are located at 46 km from the mission’s centre (might be changed after collecting statistics and players feedback):
    • [Operation] Golan Heights
    • [Operation] Vietnam
    • [Operation] Sinai
    • [Operation] Moscow
    • [Operation] Pyrenees
  • Changes have been made to the respawn points in naval missions. The distance between them has increased. The points themselves are formed into columns instead of rows. The movement direction has been changed to be more advantageous to the player and for quicker battle start. Changes have appeared in the following missions:
    • Fiji
    • [Domination] African Gulf
    • Green mountains gulf
    • Fuego islands
    • Palau islands
    • [Domination] Aleutian Islands
  • Changes to the naval mission Fuego islands (Domination (boats)):
    • Combat zone has been reduced
    • Western small fleet respawn points of both teams have been shifted eastwards to the line of the point “A” capture point.

Enduring Confrontation

  • New aircraft mission in the location “Sinai”.
  • Anti-aircraft units on airfields now recover from death every 10 minutes (individual timer for each anti-aircraft unit starting from the moment the anti-aircraft unit is destroyed).

Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Ariete, Ariete PSO — CL3142 round has been changed to DM53.
  • M13, M16 (all) — a bug has been fixed which prevented detonation/ignition of the ammo rack on a hit.
  • Type 63 - Maximum engine RPM has been changed from 2100 to 2000 rpm. The mass of the tank has been changed from 18700 to 18400 kg. Sight magnification has been changed from fixed 4х to variable 3.5-7х. Source: 合成军队指挥手册 1980 (Combined Army Command Manual, 1980) // 水中蛟龙——中国63式水陆坦克 // 六三式水陆坦克武器构造与使用 - 中国人民解放军装甲兵司令部 - 1977年10月
  • Type 62 (all) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 20500 to 21000 kg. Engine power has been changed from 500 to 430 hp. Source: 《六二式轻型坦克构造与使用》, Type 62 manual
  • Type 59, ZTZ59A - The mass of the tank has been changed from 35500 to 36000 kg. Source.
  • AMX-13 (all) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 14700 to 14500 kg. Source.
  • AMX-13 (SS.11), AMX-13 (HOT) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 15500 to 15000 kg. Source.
  • AMX-13-90 - The mass of the tank has been changed from 15500 to 14500 kg. Source.
  • AMX-13 DCA - Horizontal guidance speed has been changed from 30 to 90 degrees per second, vertical guidance speed has been changed from 30 to 45 degrees per second. Source.
  • AMX-50 (TO90/930) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 52000 to 46100 kg. Source.
  • EBR (1963) - The mass of the tank has been changed from 13500 to 12360 kg. Source.
  • Leopard 2A4 (PzBtl.123) - The camouflage net is now a modification that can be removed or installed.
  • Sho’t Kal Alef - The mass of the tank has been changed from 56000 to 51800 kg. Source.
  • Sho’t Kal Dalet - The model has been refined, in particular the gunner's sighting instruments have been changed. Thermal imager has been added for the gunner. BR in all game modes has been changed to 8.7.
  • M13/40 (I) - The angle of inclination of the gun has been changed from -15 to -10 and the angle of elevation has been changed from 25 to 20 degrees. Source: Ansaldo-Fiat Carro armato tipo M 13-40 manual.
  • PGZ-09 — ammo capacity has been increased from 440 to 480 rounds. Source.
  • GAZ-AAA — gear ratios have been adjusted. Top speed increased from 45 to 65 km/h. Source.
  • GAZ-MM — gear ratios have been adjusted. Top speed increased from 45 to 70 km/h. Source.
  • Pbv 302 BILL — a bug has been fixed which caused damage to the engine when the vehicle was floating in water.
  • Char 25t — gear ratios have been adjusted. Source.
  • M41A1 (all) — turret traverse speed has been reduced from 36 to 24 deg./sec. Source.
  • 152mm G-530 shell — this round is now considered as semi-AP and calculated by the corresponding formula. Max armour piercing value reduced from 95 to 69 mm.
  • A-IX-1 explosive — incorrect TNT equivalent has been reduced from 1,54 to 1,25. Source: GICHD (Feb 2017), Explosive weapon effects – final report, GICHD, Geneva // 《轻武器设计参考资料》 References of Small Arms Design,Institute No. 208, 1975
  • T54E1 — reverse speed has been reduced from 11,5 to 8,4 km/h. Source.
  • M4A3 (76) W (Japan) — overestimated weight has been corrected that previously included additional track plating that the Japanese version doesn’t have. Overall weight has been reduced from 32,9 to 32,2 tons.
  • SU-57 — Crew has been reduced from 5 to 4. Source: 57-мм. самоходное орудие СУ-57. Руководство службы (1944).
  • Strv 105 — gear ratios have been adjusted in accordance to other vehicles with the CD-850 transmission. Source.
  • Type 63-I — speed in water has been increased from 10 to 11,7 km/h. Source.
  • T-34-100 — ammo capacity has been reduced from 50 to 30 rounds. Source: Боевые машины Уралвагонзавода. Танк Т-34 by Устьянцев С. В., Колмаков Д. Г // Отечественные бронированные машины. ХХ век. 1941-1945 by Солянкин А.Г., Павлов М.В., Павлов И.В., Желтов И.Т.
  • LAV-AD — speed in water has been increased from 6,4 to 10 km/h. Source
  • AFT-09 — elevation rate of the missile launcher has been increased from 5 to 10 deg./sec, traverse rate reduced from 30 to 15 deg./sec. Source.
  • Chieftain Marksman — laser rangefinder has been added. Source: GEC-Marconi "Marksman Anti Aircraft Gun Turret"
  • Penetration values of the APDS rounds now use modified Jacob De Marre’s formula.
  • Hardmetal APDS rounds with compact penetration nose tip now feature own slope effects: 37mm slpprj m/49, 75mm slpprj m/49, 76mm M331A2, 76mm Shot SV Mk.1, 83mm Shot Mk.3, 105mm T279, 120mm Shot L1G.
  • Penetration values of the XM578E1 now use the L-O equation.
  • SPAAG and SAM vehicles now have their tracking radar unfolded when the search radar is folded in order to be able to track the target.
  • A universal template of the fragments formation is now used for 20-47mm HE fragmentation rounds. Fixed cases where the projectile could deal significantly lower fragmentation damage than its counterparts with the same amount of explosives. (report 1, report 2 report 3, report 3)
  • 9М311, VT-1 missiles - transferred to a new more accurate physical model.

Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes


  • 12.7mm FN HMP400 LCC gun pod weight has been reduced.
    • A129CBT, A-129 International (p): from 219 kg to 89,4 kg.
    • BO 105 CB-2, BO 105 PAH-1, BO 105 PAH-1A1: from 558 kg to 178,8 kg (x2).
    • EC-665 Tiger UHT: from 178.4 to 89,4 kg.
  • 12.7mm FN RMP LC gun pod — weight and ammo capacity has been reduced:
    • A.109EOA-2 — weight: from 363,1 kg to 241,2 kg;
    • A129CBT, A-129 International (p) — weight: from 280 kg to 120,6 kg; ammo: from 400 to 250 rounds;
    • BO 105 CB-2, BO 105 PAH-1, BO 105 PAH-1A1 — weight from 679,6 kg to 241,2 kg; ammo: from 800 to 500 rounds;
    • EC-665 Tiger UHT — weight: from 270.6 kg to 120,6 kg; ammo from 400 to 250 rounds.
  • 30mm DEFA 553 cannon — round velocity has been increased to 820 m/sec.
  • AB 205 A-1 SNEB type 23 rockets have been changed to FFAR Mighty Mouse.
  • B-29 — 4х4,000 lb AN-M56 bombs have been added.
  • Beaufighter Mk.VIc — 250 and 500 lb bombs have been added with corresponding modification. EFS modification has been moved from tier 4 to 3. TSC mk.II modification moved from tier 2 to 1.
  • Beaufighter Mk.X — 250, 500 and 1,000 lb bombs with corresponding modifications have been added. EFC modification has been moved from tier 4 to 3 to the “Vitality” section. Modification TSC mk.II moved from tier 3 to 1; modification RSC mk.II moved from tier 4 to 3 and doesn't require modification TSC mk.II.
  • Beaufighter Mk.21 — 250, 500 and 1,000 lb bombs with corresponding modifications have been added.Modification RSC mk.II moved from tier 4 to 3 and doesn't require modification TSC mk.II.
  • Canberra B(I). Mk.6, Canberra B.Mk.2 — bombs in the GP series have been changed to MC.
  • F-80C-10 — 1,000 lb AN-M65A1, 500 lb AN-M64A1, and 250 lb AN-M57 bombs have been added, as well as the Мк 78 fuel pod.
  • J-8B — a ballistic computer for bombs and rockets has been added.
  • Lancaster B.Mk III, Lancaster B.Mk I — 8,000 lb HC Mk II and 12,000 lb HC Mk.II bombs have been added. 1х 8,000 lb HC Mk II and 6х 500 lb GP Mk.IV bomb setups added. 2х 4,000 lb bomb setup removed.
  • MiG-23MLA — a bug has been fixed due to which the GSh-23L cannons were missing in the X-Ray view.
  • Mirage 2000D-R1 - A gunpod has been added.
  • Mirage 2000C-S5 — 30mm DEFA 554 ammo capacity has been reduced from 270 to 250 rounds.
  • Sa.341F Gazelle — GIAT M.621 ammo capacity has been reduced from 1,000 to 240 rounds.
  • Wfr.Gr.21 rockets — separate rocket fire has been added for all aircraft.
  • Tu-2 (all series) — secondary armament has been updated, new bombs have been added, the total payload increased to 3 tons.
  • Tu-14T — localization of bombs, torpedoes and pylons have been fixed. The number of bombs in the bomb setups has been adjusted to:
    • FAB-250М-46: from 8 to 12;
    • FAB-500М-46 from 4 to 6;
    • FAB-1000 from 2 to 1;
    • FAB-1500М-46 from 1 to 2.
  • AHS — free setup of 4xHellfire ATGM has been added.
  • Bf 109G-6 — a bug has been fixed where the 30mm Мк 108 cannon was displayed in the xray mode instead of the 20mm MG 151 cannon (report).
  • F1 — RWS has been changed from AN/APR-25 to J/APR-3.
  • F-4EJ Phantom II — RWS has been changed from AN/APR-25 to J/APR-2.
  • F-4EJ Kai Phantom II RWS has been changed from AN/APR-25 to J/APR-6.
  • F-104J — RWS has been changed from AN/APR-25 to J/APR-1.
  • Ju 87 D-5, Ju 87 D-3, Ju 87 G-1, Ju 87 G-2 — turret targeting angles have been adjusted: elevation from -20/+70 deg to -15/+80 deg, traverse from -60/+60 to -70/+70 deg.
  • Harrier Gr.1/Gr.3 — a bug has been fixed with a visually detached bomb pod on the right wing in the 4x1,000 lb bomb setup.
  • EC-665 Tiger (all series) — countermeasures capacity has been increased from 60 to 64.
  • Tornado (all series) — a free setup of 4x1,000 lb bombs has been added.
  • I-185 (М-71), I-185 (М-82) — fuel tank inerting system has been added.
  • IL-28 (all versions) — armour of the rear glass has been increased from 102 to 106 mm.
  • Mi-24V — a missing modification required to unlock the UPK-23-250 pods has been restored.
  • MiG-29A — position of the retrospect mirrors in the cockpit have been fixed. Close air combat mode has been added to the HUD.
  • Reverse throttle of the jet engine has been added to the multifunctional menu.

Secondary weapon customization added to aircraft:

  • AB-205 A-1
  • B-57B
  • Brigand B 1
  • F-80C-10
  • F-84B-26
  • F-84G-21-RE
  • F-84G-26-RE
  • G-Lynx
  • Lynx
  • Sk-60B
  • Saab A32A
  • Saab B18B
  • Saab T18B
  • Saab T18B (57)
  • Saab J32B
  • SAAB-105G
  • SAAB-105OE
  • UH-1B
  • UH-1C
  • UH-1CXM-30
  • UH-1D
  • IL-10
  • IL-10 (1946)
  • IL-28Sh
  • Ka-29
  • Tu-2
  • Tu-2S
  • Tu-2S-44
  • Tu-2S-59

Incendiary bombs:

  • Aerea 559G1 Incendiary bombs have been added for Fiat G91 series.
  • Brandbomb m/58 Incendiary bomb has been added for A32A.
  • FLAMM C 250/ FLAMM C 500 New incendiary bomb has been added for Bf-109, Fw 190, Ju 87, He 111, He 177, Ju 88 series.
  • 380l Mk2 — New incendiary bombs have been added for M.D.450B Ouragan, Mystere IVA, Super Mystere B2 Sambad, Super Mystere B2 Sa'ar series.
  • MK77 Mod 4 — New incendiary bombs have been added for AV-8A, AV-8C, Harrier Gr.1.
  • Mk78 Mod 2 — New incendiary bombs have been added for F-80C-10, P-63C-5 (France), P-51D-30, P-51H-5-NA, AD-2, AD-4 (all series).
  • Mk 79 Mod 0 New incendiary bomb has been added for A-4B.
  • M116A2 — Incendiary bombs have been added for F8F-1B (France), F-100A (China).

Flight Model changes

  • Su-2 (all modifications), Er-2 (all modifications), DB-3 (all modifications) — Engine fire extinguishing systems have been added.
  • BF 110 (all modifications) — The effect of rebalancing the aircraft at full engine thrust has been refined (on full control, you can see a slight nose down pull). The operation of the propeller group at low and medium speeds has been refined. Easier exit from a dive at low altitudes.
  • Blenheim Mk.IV, B6N1, B7A2, Beaufort Mk.VIII, FW-200C — Fight model has been updated. Engine operating modes have been clarified. Distribution of fuel in tanks has been adjusted. Polars of wings, fuselage, empennage, and propeller blades have been recalculated and corrected. The plane’s behaviour during landing gear release has been corrected.
  • F-16 (all versions) — Manoeuvring characteristics are close to reference diagrams, inductive drag at Mach 0.9-1.1 has been increased.
  • MiG-29 9-13 — Longitudinal stability at low speeds has been decreased. Resting friction with fully applied brakes has been increased. Fuel tank capacity has been increased.
  • DH.110 Sea Vixen — Climbrate and throttle response at low altitudes have been increased.
  • Mirage F1C (all versions) — Engine thrust at supersonic speeds has been increased. Climbrate at sea level and at altitudes of 9-12 km at Mach 1.8-2.0 have been increased. Resting friction with fully applied brakes has been increased. Controllability has been improved.
  • MD.500 TOW — Fuselage moments of inertia have been reduced, control has been improved, the probability of the main rotor stalling when braking sideways with a large bank has been reduced, the horizon hold mode has been added to SCAS.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:

Naval weaponry:

  • Limbo mortar guidance mechanism on British modern frigates has been redesigned.
  • Karl Galster, Geniere - A bug that caused autocannons to fire when main calibre turrets and auxiliary armament firing function was active with one button has been fixed.

Naval modifications and crew skills:

  • The need for sequential research of modifications for improved anti-aircraft, auxiliary artillery and main calibre turrets has been removed. They can now be researched in any order once the appropriate level of modifications becomes available.

Naval characteristics, physics and damage model:

  • USS Newport News (CA-148) — the position of the ship's internal modules have been fixed: magazines, plotting room, radio room. The armour scheme has been corrected: the thickness of the armour of the main calibre turrets and barbettes; anti-fragmentation bulkheads in barbettes and behind traverses have been added; the thickness and shape of the internal armoured bulkheads and plates of the armoured belt have been fixed; thickness of armour deck and conning tower has been fixed.
  • HMS Glorious — Position of the ammunition of the main calibre bow turret has been fixed.
  • Z-47 — Position of the ammunition magazines and radio room has been corrected.
  • RN Duca delgi Abruzzi — a bug where the armour crossed the ammunition magazines on the bow has been fixed.
  • USS Brooklyn, USS Cleveland — armour of the floor for the conning tower has been added.
  • MBK Pr.186 — the gap between the deck armour and the port side has been removed.

Naval Visual models and visual parts:

  • Pr.206 — Boat commander’s position and the issue where his hands crossed the superstructure have been fixed.
  • Pr.206-M — The position of the officer and sailors on the boat has been fixed.
  • Pr.7 "Besposhchadny" — Rangefinder direction has been fixed.


  • Ryany — Displaying the 3rd funnel in the X-Ray view has been fixed.
  • Various tutorial hints about settings and navigating through the interface have been added to naval battles and the hangar. All new hints either have a limited number for display or will be disabled after the player has followed them.


  • Tutorial elements in naval battles have been expanded:
    • The control help screen (F1) has been redesigned, relevant elements of it have been added, the mechanics of aiming and firing have been described.
    • The loading screen for the first battles with a description of mission objectives and tasks has been added.
    • Interface and navigation hints for new players have been added to the ship’s hangar.
  • The function of automatic circling flight has been added to ship seaplanes

Economy and research

  • Zhukovsky's I-153-M62 — Price in Golden Eagles has been changed to 400.
  • Krasnolutsky's I-15bis — Instead of the Zhukovsky's I-153-M62 this aircraft has been added as a gift premium aircraft for the first battle for Soviet aviation. Zhukovsky's I-153-M62 will remain with those who have already received this aircraft and will be available for purchase for GE as the Krasnolutsky's I-15bis.
  • VEAK-40 — Has been moved from rank V to rank VI.
  • Research and purchase costs for USS Wyoming have been changed: RP - 320.000 => 220.000, SL 790.000 =>610.000


  • Winter camouflage for Chinese ground vehicles has been refined.
  • Additional camouflages for all cruisers and battleships have been added.
  • Two-coloured camouflages for modern British vehicles have been refined. The shape of patches has been corrected and colour correction has been made.
  • F-16A ADF (Italy) — Additional camouflages available for completing tasks and for GE have been added.
  • Lancaster Mk3 — Additional camouflage available for completing tasks and for GE has been added.


  • Button for control of the available missile/bombing weaponry with displaying of the control key used for that weaponry and the amount of the weapons has been added to the aircraft action panel in air and ground battles (in AB and custom battles).
  • Colour indications of modules of different types have been added for view mode of internal modules of the vehicle in the hangar.
  • In aircraft and helicopter HUD colours of all types of sights (missile, cannon, bomb) depend on the option of the sight colour selected in the settings of the corresponding type of vehicle.
  • When selecting the control preset in the control settings help/hint will be shown for it.
  • Information about the type of ammo which has been used to hit players has been added to the in-game kill log.
  • Possibility to fine tune the hit indicator (markers at hit screen edges) of the player's tank has been added. You can change the indicator type - simplified or extended, its size, display time and position on the screen. These settings can be found in the “combat settings” for ground vehicles.

Game mechanics

  • Added the mechanics of emergency systems for leaving an aircraft - ejection.
    • A-10A (all versions)
    • F-4S
    • F-4EJ Kai
    • F-16 (all versions)
    • MiG-29 (all versions)
    • MiG-23MLD
    • MiG-23MLA
    • MiG-27K
    • Hunter F.58
    • Tornado F.3
    • Kurnass 2000
  • Ballistic lead indicator system output on the Head-Up Displays (HUD) has been added for the aircraft’s cannon armament systems. The system has been added for following aircraft:
  • МiG-29 (all versions)
  • Mirage 2000 (all versions)
  • F-16 (all versions)
  • Tornado (all versions)
  • F-4S
  • F-4EJ Kai
  • JA-37C
  • JA-37D
  • Ballistic lead indicator system has been added for the cannon weaponry for the 3rd person view when an aircraft’s sensors capture a target. The system is available on the same aircraft that have instrumental lead on the HUD. Old lead system similar to the SPAAG indication has been disabled in AB. For shooting you need to point the moving cannon marker at the captured target.


  • Prandtl-Glauert visual effect when crossing the sound barrier has been updated.
  • Visual effect of the aircraft collision with ground with the appearance of the ground and dust effect from the aircraft impact has been added.
  • Visual effect of aircraft condensation footprint has been added.
  • Visual shrapnel damage of the aircraft when hit by non-contact fuzed ammunition have been added.
  • Hit decals on aircraft have been updated for the HE shells of the calibre of 20mm and above.
  • Dynamic burn traces of aircraft surfaces in the places of fires have been added.


  • The firing sounds of automatic aircraft cannons have been reworked. The sounds have become brighter and clearer.
  • New sounds of object destruction on the maps for tank battles have been created. The goal is to create a more natural and pleasant sound.
  • New sounds for buildings and structures collapsing which better match the mechanism of their destruction have been created.
  • New sounds of collisions of the player's ground vehicles with various materials (stone, concrete, brick, wood, metal) have been created.
  • The F-16 series aircraft received a sound design for the mechanisation of nozzles.
  • Sounds of thrust vector change mechanisms for vertical take-off and landing aircraft have been created.
  • T-64 series tanks have new engine sounds closer to the real sounds.

Changes specific to the Xbox platform.

  • Hungarian localization has been added