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New effects for aviation in the Sky Guardians update

A little sneak peek of the new visual and physical improvements in War Thunder aviation that will be introduced into the game with the upcoming Sky Guardians update!

Updated vapour cone effect

We have improved the vapour cone effect that can be seen at transonic speed of the aircraft due to the local pressure gradient. Look how realistic it is now!

New contrail and flow separation effects

The game will have a new effect of the contrail left by the running aircraft engines, the new contrail is visually longer, more distinctable and “fluffy”. Another improved effect that every pilot is familiar with is the wingtip flow separation effect. It may be observed as a long vortex cord from the wingtips during manoeuvres. Physical turbulence has been added to these effects, which makes them more varied and authentic.

Ejection seats

Beginning with the Sky Guardians update, we are introducing the mechanics of ejection seats for aviation of the later periods. This is a purely cosmetic effect, but beauty and authenticity are important components of the gameplay. So, the animation of the ejection seat operation includes a series of successive events: the cockpit canopy is torn off by pyrotechnic charges, the effect of the pilot's seat being ejected from the cockpit, after which the seat is disconnected from the pilot and the rescue parachute is triggered. At the time of the release of the update, the new mechanics will work for most rank VIII aircraft in the game.

Damage effects

Our designers also made a few enhancements to the visual and physical effects of damage to War Thunder planes. Visual effects of shrapnel damage were added to the impact area when aircraft surfaces were hit by proximity fuse munitions. Hit marks from small calibres (20mm and below) HE shells have been improved as well.

When an aircraft is on fire, you will now see dynamic effects of burning and tarnishing in the centre of the fire.

The effect of the aircraft's collision with the ground has also improved - now a physical effect of earth particles and dust thrown into the air appears at the collision area. This is how the new effects will look in the game.

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