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F-16AJ: Cover-boy

The export version of the F-16A jet-fighter designed for Japan Air Self-Defense Force comes as the first 4th gen aircraft in the Japanese tech tree.

F-16AJ, jet fighter, Japan, rank VIII


  • Superior flight characteristics
  • AIM-7F Sparrow air-to-air missiles
  • Multirole capabilities

After completing the flight tests of the F-16 prototypes, General Dynamics began a promotional campaign among NATO partner countries with supply proposals. The Japanese government also received such an offer with the idea of creating domestic assembly capacities. A main highlight of the advertisements was a F-16AJ modification designed for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. The aircraft had slightly shifted pilot seat layout, lacked an in-flight refueling system, and could be equipped with Sparrow air-to-air missiles. However, the Japanese side did not show interest in purchasing the F-16, so this modification never left the prototype stage.


In the “Sky Guardians” War Thunder update, Japan is getting a new top-tier 4th generation jet fighter, an export version of the magnificent F-16A, one of the best aircraft in the game. In service with the Japanese tech tree, the F-16AJ is capable of equipping the Sparrow missiles, which the Block 10 versions do not have, as well as air-to-surface armament , which is not available on the F-16A ADF interceptor modification.

First of all, we would like to be clear on the reasons for adding the F-16AJ to the game, whilst there are massive suggestions from players to add the Mitsubishi F-2 fighter-bomber to the Japanese tech tree. Indeed, the F-2, which is a 4++ generation aircraft, will appear in the game along with comparable aircraft from other nations. However, at the moment, adding the F-2 to the game is not possible due to its significant superiority in the quality of radar equipment and far more advanced air-to-air missiles. At the same time, to date, Japan remained the only gaming nation lacking a 4th generation aircraft. Therefore, when choosing between forcing Japanese aviation enthusiasts to wait for the Viper Zero a few major updates, or giving Japan a 4th generation aircraft now, we chose the second option. We hope you support our decision!

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So, the F-16AJ is the cover-boy of the promo brochures, an elegant modern fighter with its own unique camouflage. The aircraft merges the advantages of all modifications of the F-16A series in War Thunder. In addition to late modifications of short-range Sidewinder missiles, the Japanese F-16AJ is capable of carrying AIM-7F Sparrow medium-range air-to-air missiles into battle. At the same time, the F-16AJ is ready for any fire mission on the ground - from 4 x 2,000 bombs for wiping bases in air battles, to rocket pods and AGM-65B Maverick missiles for crack-opening any type of armored vehicles in mixed battles.


The F-16AJ is undoubtedly one of the best aircraft in War Thunder. The new Japanese bird of prey will be waiting for her pilots in the next major game update. Stay tuned for the news to be the first to know about other news! See you soon!

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