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IJN Nenohi: Lightweight Battler

Nenohi is one of six Hatsuharu class destroyers built for the IJN in the early 1930s. Armed with punchy cannons and even deadlier torpedoes, Nenohi will come to reinforce the ranks of the Japanese bluewater tree as part of the next major War Thunder update!

Briefly: A Japanese interwar destroyer, sporting good mobility and armed with deadly Type 90 torpedoes.

IJN Nenohi, destroyer, Japan, Rank II, premium vessel


  • Deadly firepower
  • Satisfying mobility
  • Premium bonuses
  • Modest anti-air arsenal
  • Light protection

After the London Naval Treaty went into effect, the size of the IJN’s destroyer fleet became limited just as much as the maximum displacement permitted for this type of vessel. Since previous Japanese destroyers, such as those of the Fubuki class, were exceeding these limitations, that meant that these vessels could no longer be built, thus prompting naval designers to develop a new class with similar performance characteristics but at a lower displacement.

The result of this undertaking was the Hatsuharu class, whose design was inspired by the preceding Fubukis, but itself having a slightly less powerful armament as well as other weight-saving measures implemented in order to remain within treaty limitations. As the second ship built in the series, Nenohi was laid down in December 1931 and launched exactly a year later. After fitting out, the ship joined the ranks of the IJN in late September 1933. Immediately after entering service however, a number of issues were identified with the ship’s design, specifically concerning its stability. Due to its weight-centered construction, the ship ended up being top heavy leading to a series of refits during its service career all of which attempted to remedy this problem.

During WWII, Nenohi initially took part in the invasion of the Dutch East Indies before being assigned to assist in the Aleutians campaign in 1942. In July, the ship’s service career came to an abrupt end as Nenohi was torpedoed by the American submarine USS Triton while escorting a seaplane tender. Sinking in mere minutes, IJN Nenohi was stricken off the naval register shortly afterwards.


In War Thunder, Nenohi will be a new premium destroyer reinforcing the early ranks of the Japanese bluewater fleet in game. Being the sister ship to Hatsuharu, which may already be familiar to some Japanese captains, Nenohi will come to the game incorporating some of the modifications given to the vessel shortly after its completion. Curious to find out what those are? Then join us as we take a look at the details!

Not long after entering service with the IJN, both Hatsuharu and Nenohi underwent substantial refitting in order to address issues primarily concerning their stability. While the familiar Hatsuharu represents the class’ iteration before these modifications were done, the upcoming Nenohi incorporates the changes implemented with the refit. As a result, Nenohi’s primary armament consisting of five 5’’ (127 mm) guns remains unchanged, but what does change is the arrangement of the guns. Namely, while the twin mounts maintain their familiar bow and stern positions, the single 5’’ turret was moved to the stern and mounted where formerly a torpedo launcher was situated.

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This brings us to the second notable difference to Hatsuharu, namely the torpedo armament. As previously mentioned, one of the triple torpedo launchers has been removed on Nenohi to make room for the relocation of one of the main battery turrets. This results in the loss of a third of the design’s original torpedo strength. On the other hand though, Nenohi is equipped with a slightly improved anti-air armament consisting of two twin 25 mm turrets instead of the original two 40 mm cannons present on Hatsuharu.

Another difference to Hastuharu is Nenohi’s slightly higher displacement. As the machinery remains identical on both warships, this means that Nenohi can’t boast the same level of mobility as Hatshuharu. Nonetheless, being able to achieve a top speed of around 33 kts (slightly over 60 km/h), Nenohi is far from being labeled as cumbersome. Quite the opposite in fact! With its speed and agility, Nenohi is able to quickly maneuver into position to launch an attack and may just as quickly vanish behind cover. Furthermore, being a premium vessel means that captains will receive additional rewards for all actions performed in battle, thus greatly speeding up their progress on researching the next vessel they seek to add to their lineup!

IJN Nenohi will soon be docking in player ports with the release of the next War Thunder major update. In the meantime, be sure to keep scanning the horizon for more news as we continue sharing the latest on what the upcoming update has in store for you. Until then, calm seas and happy hunting captains!

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