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Meet Major Update “Danger Zone”!
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The long awaited F-14A Tomcat, an Israeli helicopter tech tree, the first Chinese helicopter and a new type of bomb - with napalm! Two brand new locations, updated Sun City map, dozens of new vehicles and few updated models for old legends. Additionally the highly anticipated rewind functionality for replays and a long list of bug fixes and new features awaits you! Join us with a ride into the "Danger Zone" Update!


There is something for everyone! From the updated 3d model of the I-15bis to the most anticipated aircraft in years: the F-14A!

Ground vehicles

Over a dozen new ground vehicles. All available nations in the game get something new!


6 helicopters for the Israeli tech tree and the first helicopter for the Chinese tech tree!

Naval Fleet

8 new vessels, including the legendary HMS Hood!

Napalm comes to War Thunder!

In our game, incendiary mixtures will be a new type of weapon that will be available for high rank aviation. In the Danger Zone update, some types of American and Soviet-made incendiary bombs for the American, German, Soviet, Israeli and Chinese aircraft will appear in the game. In the future, we will add new types of incendiary bombs for aviation of different gaming nations.

New locations

Two brand new locations: Abandoned Town and South-Eastern City

Download the update and join the battle!

Full list of changes

Players with Premium Accounts have been given an extra 12 hours of premium time!

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