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New locations: Abandoned Town, South-Eastern City, and improved Sun City

War Thunder artists and game designers have prepared new locations for the upcoming major update! Meet Abandoned Town, designed for mixed battles, South-Eastern City for aviation, and a significantly improved location Sun City.

Abandoned town


The sleepy mountain town became the epicenter of outrageous military conflict. After the bombing and artillery barrage, combat vehicles enter the area. The commanders will have to achieve control over three zones of the town: the central streets and the community center, the bridge in the southern part of the town, the neighboring silo elevator and the cableway, as well as the northern area with residential buildings.

The cozy mountain towns and mining villages of the Greater Caucasus at the beginning of the 1990s became the prototypes of the Abandoned Town location. The atmosphere of a ghost town in the mountainous Caucasian subtropics awaits all fans of tank and mixed battles in the next major War Thunder update!

South-Eastern City


What was unthinkable before is becoming a reality now - a furious war has come to the streets of the metropolis of one of the "Asian tigers"! Intense action downtown and in the suburbs, military vehicles are entering the city, artillery and anti-air guns are firing at will. The tasks of the aviation here is to destroy enemy military bases and camps, as well as to escort friendly strike aircraft to their targets.

War Thunder artists have studied maps and photographs of the surroundings of the Kowloon Peninsula before creating the South-Eastern City. Here, a huge port, ultra-modern skyscrapers and residential areas coexist with rural areas on green hills and religious centers and monasteries. High-tech meets picturesque nature to bring you a brand new location for air battles!

Sun City is getting better!


One of the recent locations for mixed battles, Sun City, is very popular with War Thunder players due to the variety of environments and the ability to use overpasses in battle. However, the map had a number of minor issues, which we tried to fix for the upcoming update of the game.

We added a lot of small objects to “revive” the streets of the city. We added bus stops, parking lots with cars, flower beds, posters and advertisements on the walls, litter on the roadsides. Observant players reported the incorrect road markings - thanks to you, everything has been corrected! The park in the central part of the city has become more detailed, a route between the extreme capture points through the central park area has appeared. The artists also improved the “aircraft” part of the location - the city is now more naturally integrated into the landscape of the area. Fixed bugs and improved cosmetic micro-effects are the cherries on top. In a word, Sun City has become more detailed and easy to navigate. You're welcome! We are looking forward to your feedback!

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