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Helicopters of China: Z-19E

The Harbin Z-19E light attack helicopter will be the first Chinese helicopter available for all War Thunder players!

Z-19E, attack helicopter, China, rank VI. Premium, available in a pack.


  • High combat capabilities
  • Air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles
  • Thermal imager
  • Radar/laser warning system and countermeasures
  • Lacks turret

The first specialized anti-tank Chinese helicopter Z-9W was built on the basis of the Z-9, a licensed copy of the French Aerospatiale Dauphin multipurpose helicopter, which has been in service with the PLA since 1994. Further development of the attack helicopter led to the creation of a more advanced Z-9WA, and then a prototype, designated Z-19. Despite an accident during testing in 2010, Harbin Aircraft Industry Group received an order for the production of an experimental batch of attack helicopters. The rotor system and the tail section of the fuselage remained from the French progenitor. The Z-19 received a new tandem cockpit, countermeasures, radar and laser warning equipment. Z-19 received modern weapon systems, including ATGMs and air-to-air missiles. The design was considered successful and adopted by the People's Liberation Army. In 2017, a Z-19E prototype appeared, developed for export. This helicopter had more composite materials to decrease the take-off weight. The mock-up of the helicopter was shown at the air show in Zhuhai in 2016. At the moment there is no information about the production and shipments of the Z-19E to foreign operators.

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In the Danger Zone update, China receives its first rotorcraft, the Z-19E attack helicopter, which will become available with the release of the update as part of a special pack in our online store. This is a modern combat helicopter, equipped with up-to-date electronics and effective weapons to perform the full range of battle tasks. A convenient sight with a high magnification, an IRST, a thermal imager and a night vision mode makes it easy to detect, track and destroy armored vehicles at long distances. To destroy ground targets, the helicopter is equipped with up to 8 BA-9 (Blue Arrow) ATGMs with a launch range of up to 6 km, as well as two types of unguided rockets: up to 76 of small Type-57-1 and up to 28 Type 90-1 with a HEAT warhead. The helicopter does not have a turret or other installed armament, but pilots might suspend .50 machine gun pods under the wings.The Z-19E can also be equipped with air-to-air guided weapons - TY-90 missiles with an all-aspect seeker and a launch distance of up to 6 km.

The helicopter is well protected from possible threats - a radar/laser warning system will warn the pilot about nearby SPAAGs or enemy aircraft aiming at Z-19E, and flares will give a chance to avoid incoming missiles.

The premium Z-19E will significantly strengthen the position of Chinese top tier tanks in mixed battles, and very soon its dark blue silhouette will be a frequent guest in War Thunder battles. Welcome to helicopter battles, China!

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