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ZTZ99A: Roaring Tiger

The ZTZ99A is the most modern variant of the Chinese ZTZ99 series of main battle tanks and also its most advanced iteration to date. Packing improved mobility and protection, the ZTZ99A will soon be arriving at the top of the Chinese tree as part of the “Danger Zone” Major Update!

Briefly: The most advanced variant of the ZTZ99 MBT series, featuring a new arrow-shaped turret and an uprated engine.

ZTZ99A, main battle tank, China, Rank VII


  • Improved turret protection
  • Uprated 1,500 hp engine
  • Thermal imaging
  • Low profile
  • Excellent reverse speed

After the ZTZ99 entered service in the early 2000s, a number of technological advancements took place in tank design. As a result, Chinese engineers decided to substantially upgrade the ZTZ99 MBT. By 2011, a number of improvements were made to the ZTZ99 in order to bring its capabilities on par with modern MBTs of other nations. The upgrades included most notably a new arrow-shaped turret with substantially improved protection as well as a more powerful 1,500 hp diesel engine and a hydromechanical transmission to name a few.

After entering service, it’s estimated that around 600 ZTZ99As have been manufactured. Being the most advanced MBT in service with the PLA to date, the ZTZ99A represents the armored spearhead of the Chinese mechanized units.


In War Thunder, the ZTZ99A will be the new top Chinese main battle tank awaiting tankers in the upcoming next major update Danger Zone. Representing the evolutionary peak of the ZTZ99 series of Chinese MBTs to date, the ZTZ99A will offer its aspiring commanders vastly improved turret protection as well as greatly enhanced mobility on top of already deadly firepower. Enticed already? How about we get into more details?

The ZTZ99A is a further development of the ZTZ99 MBT, already familiar to seasoned War Thunder tankers and fans of Chinese ground vehicles in the game. However, despite sharing a common chassis, the ZTZ99A can be considered a completely new vehicle thanks to a near complete overhaul of its design, particularly concerning its turret. Unlike previous variants, the ZTZ99A features a new arrow-shaped turret, fitted with state-of-the-art ERA and composite armor, capable of defeating even tandem charge chemical rounds.

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While the protection upgrade did result in the vehicle gaining roughly 4 tons in weight over its immediate predecessor, this drawback is amply compensated by the ZTZ99A receiving a new 1,500 horsepower diesel engine. As a result, the vehicle’s power-to-weight ratio increases to an impressive 27.7 hp/t despite the weight increase! As a result, the ZTZ99A actually outmatches its predecessors in terms of mobility, being able to attain a top speed of 75 km/h on paved roads. Furthermore, a new transmission eliminates the poor reverse speed of the older modifications with the ZTZ99A now being capable of reaching up to 34 km/h while going in reverse. Quite a handy upgrade for intense gun fights, eh?

Unlike its protection and mobility, the ZTZ99A’s firepower however remains virtually unchanged from previous versions. The vehicle still features the familiar ZPT-98 125 mm smoothbore cannon as well as a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun and a top-mounted high-caliber commander’s machine gun. Therefore, the ZTZ99A inherits its predecessors’ excellent firepower and combines it with its own upgrades to result in a potent new fighting vehicle, worthy of the top spot in the Chinese ground forces tree.

The ZTZ99A arrives in War Thunder as part of the next major update, Danger Zone and will become the new crowning jewel of the Chinese ground forces tree in the game. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue unveiling some of the highlights awaiting players in the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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