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New Location: Vietnam Hills

Briefly: A new location for ground battles, inspired by the Vietnamese town of Hội An and its surroundings.

In update 1.85, we’re pleased to present a new location for combined arms battles, set in the breathtaking landscape of Vietnam. Specifically, battles will take place on a 4x4km ground location, inspired by the town of Hội An and its imminent surroundings.

Players will fight in and over three distinct parts of the map. The northern section of the map is defined by rocky mountains, separated by deep gorges, through which long and winding roads lead to the occasional open mountain plateau. Combat here will be fierce as vehicles will often clash head on, making this the perfect fighting ground for heavily armored brawlers.

The center portion of the map however, is predominantly covered in swamplands. Although generally a fairly hostile terrain type for any kind of vehicle, this part of the map, with its dense foliage, will present a number of opportunities for light vehicles in particular to take advantage of, in order to outflank their opponents fighting on the north or south side of the map. Careful though! Moving through the swamp will take its time and getting caught under fire here from enemy vehicles from the surrounding higher terrain can pin you in place, if not outright lead to your demise.

In the south, players will primarily fight for control over the densely built up town on the coast. If your attention isn’t immediately grabbed by the some of the traditional Vietnamese architecture in the town, then the stunning rocky spires just off the coast are sure to leave you breathless. However, you didn’t come here to do your sightseeing, there’s a battle to fight, soldier!

Speaking of which, battles will likely focus around the town center and will quickly turn into linear brawling engagements down the relatively narrow streets. What differentiates this area from the northern part of the map, is the opportunity for lighter and more mobile vehicles to avoid these head on fights, and instead, opt to easily flank their opponents around the town’s outskirts. It should be pointed out however, that these routes offer only light cover due to their open nature.

The new Vietnam Hills map will become available in War Thunder combined battles very soon with the release of the upcoming update 1.85. Lock ‘n’ load, commanders!

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