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Ta 154A-1: From a Player, For the Players
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War Thunder is getting a new aircraft, created by one of our players as part of our revenue share program. Meet the magnificent German twin-engine Ta 154A-1!​

As you may already know, War Thunder has a revenue share program which allows players to create their own vehicle models and receive a portion of the income from the sales of these models in the game. In one of our recent updates, we presented the He 219 night fighter, created by the player Daniil “Joy_Division__” Zaitsev. Today, we are pleased to present a new vehicle created in the revenue share program – the German twin-engine Ta 154A-1 night interceptor.

The Ta 154A-1 was created by the legendary Focke-Wulf designer, Kurt Tank for the same reasons that the He 219 was created – Germany had an urgent need for a modern night interceptor to give them at least some chance against the mass raids from Allied bombers. The idea for the aircraft was inspired by the British Mosquito – highly effective, high-altitude, fast and... wooden. It was the aircraft's wooden construction that gave German high command most of its doubts – the industry was tailored for steel and metal alloys, but Kurt Tank managed to convince the doubtful officials that Germany had the ability to take up the manufacture of wooden interceptors.

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Although only one Ta 154 was officially accepted into service, several dozen examples of this aircraft were produced, including some intended for testing in military units. Moreover, the experimental Ta 154 models even took part in military operations under the control of combat pilots. The vehicle's layout and armament also followed from the aircraft's intended usage – its two powerful Jumo engines for rapid climbing and a high maximum speed, its four automated cannons (2x20mm and 2x30mm) for the lightning-fast destruction of any aerial target. Although hopes for the aircraft's speed were mostly dashed, its maneuverability and rate of climb were perfectly acceptable.

Our players (Model author: Vitaly "NovA29R" Vostokov. Texture author: Michael "__StrafeMike__" Ioannidis) have recreated this exciting twin-engine night fighter in the form of a computerized model and we are pleased to present the experimental early-series Ta 154 in the game. In many respects, the strategy of using the Ta 154 is similar to that of the He 219: hunting bombers at a high altitude or destroying enemy assault aircraft at low altitudes, along with freely hunting lone fighters using boom & zoom tactics. The Ta 154 has incredibly powerful weaponry, a gigantic ammunition complement, good maneuverability for a twin-engine aircraft. In short, it has everything players like about the He 219. The aircraft will take its place in rank III among premium aircraft of the Luftwaffe, and the model's author will get real money with every sale of it in the game. Try out this magnificent machine in battle. You're bound to have a blast with this aircraft!

The War Thunder Team!



Attention! You will get a tank and a decoration in update 1.65 “Way of the Samurai”. You will get Golden Eagles and premium time after purchase. Valid for Pc, Linux, Mac.

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