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The Panzerjäger I, and announcing a branch of German SPGs with open cabins
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In addition to the recently shown Dicker Max and the Nashorn German SPGs, we present another self-propelled gun from Germany – the Panzerjäger I. German open-cabin SPGs now form a separate tech branch.

The Panzerjäger I (EN: Tank Hunter) was Germany's first series-produced anti-tank SPG. The SPG was created on the chassis of the Panzerkampfwagen I – its turret was removed, it was customized to carry a cannon and the cabin was equipped with light armoured screens at the front and on the sides. The Panzerjäger was intended as a tank destroyer, so it received a true anti-tank cannon – the Czech 47 mm Pak 36(t).

In War Thunder, the Panzerjäger will occupy a position at rank I in Germany's tech tree. Like the other open-cabin SPGs, the Panzerjäger is weakly armoured, but its cannon compensates for this drawback and then some, easily penetrating the armour of all enemies at its rank from practically any angle (often straight through).

A new branch of German SPGs with open cabins

With the new Panzerjäger, Dicker Max and Nashorn SPGs in War Thunder 1.57 Battle March, we finally have the opportunity to separate German SPGs with open cabins into a separate tech branch. The vehicles that arrive with the update will share a branch with the two Marder modifications.

The Pz 35(t) and Pz 38(t) Ausf. A and F will be moved to the start of the armoured SPG branch in front of the Stug Ausf. A SPG. The Hetzer SPG is also heading for the armoured tank destroyer branch at the very start of rank III. In its turn, the StuG III G armoured SPG will move from rank III to II, giving up its position to the Hetzer. The branch of armoured SPGs is now complete up to and including rank V. The new open-cabin SPG branch will get higher-ranked vehicles in updates to come soon.

So Germany's tech tree has received an open-cabin SPG branch. These lightly armoured vehicles are not designed to battle on the front lines, and require well-chosen positioning to fire. However, they have cannons whose firepower exceeds all other vehicles at their rank. In the right hands, these support SPGs will become the main heroes of the battlefield, with each shot reducing the enemy tank population and providing tactical space for friendly actions. Without a doubt, the German open-cabin SPGs will find fans in all game modes of War Thunder tank battles.

Can't wait to try commanding a sniping SPG? There are only a few days left until War Thunder 1.57 Battle March is released – new vehicles already await you in the hangar! See you soon!

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