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Frozen Pass
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Featuring mountain passes, snow-covered foliage, a quiet town and a railway station. This peaceful serenity has been disturbed by the destructive nature of war and the town is now deserted, the trains have been de-railed from the railway tracks, bombs have destroyed the stone bridge across the gorge and traces of tank tracks now run atop the snow-covered hills. Engines can be heard roaring from within the valley, cannon shots echoing throughout the ancient mountains and the chairlifts swing, the air disturbed due to low flying aircraft. The battle for a critical foothold in the Alps has begun!

The game location has been inspired by the Alpine landscape and is suitable for both aircraft and ground forces battles. The location will have several available mission variants: Domination, Battle and three variants of Conquest. One of the main features of this location is a short tunnel with damaged wagons turned upside down which also features a capture point in several mission variants. The hardcore combat experienced at close range in a confined environment with wagons for vital cover is something truly new in War Thunder!

We hope that “Frozen Pass” will become favourite location of many tankers and pilots . Explore the new location in the War Thunder major update 1.57!

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