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The Story So Far: Update 1.57
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Dear Players!

A lot is happening as War Thunder moves closer to the release of Update 1.57, featuring new aircraft, ground vehicles, locations and many other improvements. Find out what has been recently revealed in our Developer's Diaries!

There's a lot more to come in the next days, as the Developers finalize their work on the new additions for 1.57. Be among the first to know what's going to come with the new Update by frequently checking our Developer's Blog and subscribing to our TwitchTV channel and Social Media!


Do-335 "Pfeil"
The twin-engined Do-335 comes with a propeller at both the front and back and will join German hangars in multiple versions with the next Update. Heavily armed, the "Pfeil" is surely going to be a player favourite. More...
This precursor of the famous Soviet T-54 medium tank combines the proven chassis of the T-44 with the fire-power of the Soviet Union's most powerful cannon designed for medium tanks, the 100 mm D-10T. More...
Fw 189 "Uhu"
The highly unusual Fw 189, which will be obtainable in War Thunder through participation in events and specials, is a true collectable for every German aircraft connoisseur. Can it challenge the Po-2 in cult status? More...
Falcon AA
As the new top-ranked Self Propelled AA for Britain, the Falcon with two lightning-fast 30 mm auto-cannons sets the new standard for the coming generation of SPAAG in War Thunder. More...
P-61 "Black Widow"
Eagerly awaited for a long time by fans of American aviation is the P-61 Black Widow, a technological marvel of it's time. Heavy fighter, assaulter, interceptor - name a task, and it will get done well double quick time. More...
This modification of the mighty, but somewhat unwieldy KV-1 tank sacrifices armour for additional speed and maneuverability, offering new tactical possibilities to all fans of Soviet heavy armour. More...
The Ki-83 is the spiritual successor of Japan's Ki-45 and the master of turn fighting among heavy fighters. In the right hands, this unique combination of fire-power and maneuverability may very well be a game changer. More...
FV4004 Conway
With the intention of countering the potential threat of the Soviet IS-3, the British FV4004 Conway was a modern SPG with a devastating 120 mm cannon. Read why this vehicle holds true potential to become an "IS Killer"! More...
S.25 Sunderland
The British 'flying Hotel' is a thoroughly amazing aircraft; bombs, guns, space, reliability and a truly majestic appearance. An aircraft so good at whatever task it was set - it remained in service for 20 years More...
Tiger II Sla.16
This brutal Premium modification of the legendary German King Tiger features an all-new Sla.16 diesel engine and comes equipped with additional protection on the turret sides. More...
Sea Venom FAW.20
Another "first strike" for Great Britain in War Thunder is the new Fleet Air Arm Sea Venom FAW.20, which is to become the first two-seat jet fighter in the game. Nigel gets some company at last. More...
Sd.Kfz. 164 Nashorn
The 88 mm PaK 43 at Rank III?  Sounds too good to be true! Then be ready to meet the German Nashorn, an SPG with paper-thin armour but the punching power of the King Tiger. More...
Snowy Valley
The war has reached the snowy mountains of the Alps, where players will soon be able ambush their enemies between snowy villages and pine forests. Don't forget to pack your skis. More...

... with more to come, in War Thunder Update 1.57!

Be invited to participate in our poll on the Official Forums, to vote and discuss the most anticipated vehicles of the coming major update! And, as always, we see you on the battlefield!

The War Thunder Team

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