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Meet Major Update “Fire and Ice”!
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New, Finnish branches for the Swedish tech tree - both Aircraft and Ground vehicles, including the Leopard 2A6! More than 50 new and updated vehicles with the long awaited American M1A2 SEP with the TUSK modification, SPAA ТОR-М1 missile and the iconic Fusō Japanese battleship! Apart from all this, two new locations: “Arctic” and “Rocky Canyon” and as always, a long list of bug fixes and smaller changes! Prepare yourself for the “Fire and Ice” update!

A Finnish branch for the Swedish aircraft and ground vehicle tech tree

Over 20 machines used by Finland, includes;BT-42, Leopard 2A6, T-72M1, MiG-21bis and Fokker D.XXI


Over a dozen aircraft! From the Japanese T-2(early) and the Chinese Q-5L to a new Finnish branch in Swedish tech tree!

T-2 Early Pack
T-2 Early Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • T-2 Early (Rank 6, Japan)
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days

Ground vehicles

Almost 30 new and updated ground vehicles. A new version of the iconic Abrams tank - M1A2 SEP with the TUSK modification, the dangerous TOR-M1 anti aircraft vehicle for the Chinese tech tree, plus many other additions!

Naval Fleet

Out of 10 new naval units released with this update, beside others vessels, our sea wolves are sure to welcome with open arms the IJN Fusō battleship and its amazing pagoda style bridge!

New locations

Two brand new locations: Arctic and Rocky Canyon

Download the update and join the battle!

Full list of changes

Players with Premium Accounts have been given an extra 12 hours of premium time!

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