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New locations: “Arctic” and “Rocky Canyon”

The “Fire and Ice” update brings two new locations to the game - both hot and ice cold! Meet the “Rocky Canyon” designed for aerial battles, and the giant “Arctic” location with two combat zones for mixed battles!

"Rocky Canyon"

The air battle location “Rocky Canyon” was inspired by the famous American Grand Canyon and the Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan - amazing natural monuments with an extensive altitudinal zonality. The river in the center of the map is located at the very bottom of the canyon and is surrounded by sandstone cliffs that rise several levels up and turn into a wide plateau.



On the plateau, surrounded by dense forests, two small towns are located to the left and right of the canyon. “Rocky Canyon” will become a location with one of the largest altitude variations in the game. Ground targets are located at different levels and will require pilots to properly plan the route. The difference in heights and the difficult terrain will allow you to stealthily approach the enemy and easily evade missile attacks!


While creating the new location "Arctic", we tried to incarnate a collective image of the inhabited part of Arctic. Gloomy rocky islands covered with glaciers, abandoned fishing villages where lonely fishermen still live, majestic icebreakers making their way through the ice, and of course, myths and legends about secret military bases hidden in the endless icy wastelands. The Arctic is an unique area with a harsh climate, unusual landscape and the spirit of new discoveries. The huge location allowed us to make two full-fledged play zones for mixed battles.



The first zone is a battle for the Arctic station. The terrain here is open, but full of hills and covers. which allow even large tanks to take cover. To the sides from the station, another two strategic points are located - one in the abandoned fishing village, another in the container camp of the construction site workers.

The second combat zone is the polar port. The first capture point is located near the moored giant icebreaker, in the central part there are domes and antennas of the “friend or foe” early warning radar complex, and the third point is the station of the gas transmission system.

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