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CM25: Armor Reaper

The CM25 is a tank hunter modification of the CM21 - a Taiwanese APC based on the widespread American M113. Coming as part of the upcoming update, the CM25 will soon await all seasoned tank commanders as the new top tank destroyer of the Chinese ground forces tree!

Briefly: A Taiwanese APC, fitted with TOW missiles to give it anti-tank capabilities.

CM25, tank destroyer, China, VI rank.


  • Powerful TOW versions
  • Small silhouette
  • Amphibious


  • Light protection
  • Limited ammunition

Since the 1960’s, the armed forces in Taiwan have operated with a large fleet of American-made M113 APCs spanning several variants. Thoroughly pleased with the vehicle’s performance and reliability, Taiwan decided to develop its own APC, inspired by the proven M113’s design.

In 1979, the first prototype of what would become the CM21 series of APCs was built and subsequently underwent testing. Once some improvements were made, the CM21 series went into mass production and officially entered service in 1982. By the time the production ceased in 1999, some 1,200 units of the CM21 series of APCs were built.

In 1987, the basic CM21 design was modified to allow the vehicle to conduct anti-tank duties, similar to the M113A1 TOW already in service at the time. In a similar manner as the M113, the vehicle was fitted with a single TOW launcher and received the new designation CM25.

By 2019, all M113A1 APCs among the ranks of the Taiwanese armed forces were replaced by newer vehicles. However, the CM21 series of APCs, including the CM25, continue serving in the present.

In War Thunder, the CM25 will be the new top tank destroyer arriving to the Chinese ground forces tree with the next major update. Although very similar in both performance and appearance to the M113A1 TOW already familiar to some tankers, the CM25 distinguishes itself from its predecessor by carrying more powerful versions of the TOW anti-tank guided missile!


As already mentioned, the CM25 shares a great deal of similarity to the M113A1 TOW, already present at the top ranks of the Chinese ground forces tree. Visual differences aside, the CM25 is slightly heavier than its American counterpart thanks to its larger spaced armor elements on the sides of the hull. While offering an incremental improvement in protection as a result, the effect won’t really be felt by tankers in the heat of combat. In all other aspects, the CM25 is neigh identical to its American counterpart.

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What makes the CM25 stand out however, is its armament. Despite also being armed with just a single TOW launcher and a .50 cal machine gun, the CM25 comes equipped with more advanced modifications of the TOW ATGMs. Upon unlocking the CM25 however, tankers will go into battle equipped with the already quite powerful I-TOW ATGM as standard.

However, tankers will also have the option of unlocking even more powerful versions of the TOW missile, substantially enhancing the CM25’s tank hunting capabilities. One such TOW variant will be the TOW-2B. This later modification of the TOW missile enables so-called ‘top-down attacks’, meaning the missile explodes above the target, allowing the shaped charge warhead to penetrate the target’s armor at its thinnest and cause significant damage as a result. Apart from its devastating effect, this weapon system will also allow tankers to engage hostile targets behind cover, such as hilly terrain, without requiring direct line of sight to the target.

The CM25 will be arriving at the top ranks of the Chinese ground forces tree as part of the next major update to War Thunder and will become the crowning jewel of the Chinese tank destroyer line. In the meantime, make sure to stay tuned to the news to find out more about the upcoming major update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!

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