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BMP-2: Experienced Support

The new Soviet infantry combat vehicle was designed with consideration for the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessor, the BMP-1.


The arrival of the BMP-1 infantry combat vehicle in the Soviet Army greatly increased the firepower and mobility of infantry formations on the battlefield. However, there were also significant shortcomings, mainly in the armament department. The 73mm Grom gun, which was installed on the BMP-1 wasn't particularly efficient against infantry units, tanks and low flying air targets. In addition to this, the flight of the trajectory became impossible to predict if even a small crosswind was present. To account for these issues, a decision was made to create a new vehicle based on the BMP-1 with the automatic rifled gun. Among the several projects carried out, the vehicle designed by Kurganmashzavod engineers was acknowledged to be superior to the rest. The BMP-2, which was put into service in 1977, had a similar design to the BMP-1 in terms of the layout and general configuration. However, the turret underwent significant changes. It now had space for two crew members – the gunner and the commander, and the automatic 30mm 2A42 gun became its primary armament. Just like its predecessor, the BMP-2 was fitted with a launcher capable of firing either the Konkurs or Fagot anti-tank guided missiles, which the vehicle could deploy when engaging tank units. The vehicle was regarded as fairly successful, and over the years of its service, the BMP-2 underwent a series of modernizations and modifications directed at improving the vehicle’s defenses and increasing its destructive capability. The BMP-2 remains in service till now and is in great demand abroad.





Fun fact: modern Russian attack helicopters Ka-50 “Black Shark” and Mi-28 “Night Hunter” are also fitted with the automatic 30mm 2A42 gun, located in their rotating turrets.

In War Thunder 1.81, we present the base version of the BMP-2 with the 30mm gun and the Konkurs ATGMs. In combat, this vehicle will make an excellent choice as a support tank: the unit’s primary armament can penetrate the sides or other weak areas of the majority of the Western light armored tanks and combat vehicles. Thanks to its high rate of fire, the 30mm gun can easily take down helicopters, while the Konkurs ATGMs are noticeably more effective when compared to the BMP-1’s Malyutkas and will allow players to target the bulkiest units on the opposing team. Besides, the vehicle possesses great acceleration dynamics and is, of course, amphibious – something that creative commanders can take advantage of. All in all, you should definitely have the BMP-2 in your set for high-rank battles – this versatile vehicle will prove to be effective in many various combat situations!

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BMP-2 and other new awesome units coming soon in the upcoming War Thunder 1.81 update: the Valkyries!

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