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American Desert Location

American Desert, a new location for combined battles, will be released in War Thunder update 1.81. When creating this location our artists and designers were inspired by images of small towns in the US Southwest and the romantic style of the 60s. We used Page, Arizona as the inspiration for this location’s visual style. We’ve created many new assets for this location, including plant life, automobiles, and buildings that are characteristic of the location, as well as animated fire hydrants that shoot columns of water into the air if you drive over them.


The battles for this location will take place among the one- and two-story buildings typical of an American small town. There are a couple of small lakes and highways in the surrounding area. The town’s main square has four access points, as well as a few other firing locations. Another flashpoint for future battles is a residential area with small homes that are too small for even medium tanks to hide behind. Some areas can also be fired on from outside the town, where snipers can hide among rocks and small cliffs. The third capture point is a railroad station, and an animated train will drive down the tracks during battle. Tank commanders can destroy the train with gunfire, and the train itself can also ram tanks if they get in its way.

American Desert will be the first American location in War Thunder. We hope you like the simple, heartfelt style of a 1960s American small town.

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