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Mi-24 and AH-1F: Rotorcraft Icons
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We are happy to announce a new vehicle type - combat helicopters! The AH-1F and Mi-24 Hind are coming to War Thunder in update 1.81!


The AH-1F is the most capable modification of the single-engined “Cobra”. Tankers close your hatches - the AH-1F is coming to War Thunder in update 1.81!


AH-1G gunships proved themselves in the war in Vietnam, however required specifications were increasing. A high-scale modernization program was launched and a whole new line of new models was developed. The last and the most perfect single-engined version of the “Cobra” was the AH-1F. This helicopter included the best design features - a more powerful engine, perspective navigational and electronic equipment. The armament consisted of a three-barrel rotary cannon - the General Electric M197 mounted on an Emerson Electric TAT-141 (M79E1) turret with 750 round ammo load. Additionally, the Cobra can be equipped with up to 8 TOW ATGM’s, machine gun pods or unguided air-to-surface rockets. These gunships were actively used in the Gulf War in 1991.

Mi-24 Hind

The Mi-24 Hind is one of the most iconic Soviet aircraft of the Cold War and is one of the most produced and widely used assault helicopters in the world. One variant of the legendary Hind that will make it to War Thunder with update 1.81, is the Mi-24V - a late 1970s modification that significantly upgraded the Hind’s combat capabilities!


Work on the Mi-24 began in the early 1960s, with engineers at the Mil design bureau coming to the realisation that helicopters capable of both transporting troops and materiel as well as being able to provide fire support, are gaining an ever increasing importance with new combat doctrines focusing on battlefield mobility. The Mi-24V is a further development of the Mi-24, that entered production in 1976. The V modification most notably introduced the 9M114 “Shturm” guided missiles to the Hind’s arsenal, which in turn significantly increased its hit probabilities and destructive power. In its decade-long production (1976 - 1984), around 1,000 Mi-24Vs were produced, eventually becoming the most produced version of the Hind.

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