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8 September 2017

Update 1.71 "The New E.R.A" digest

Check out what we've got prepared for you in the up and coming Update 1.71 "The New E.R.A"!
New rank 6 vehicles, new and exciting locations, and much more!

New vehicles

M60A1 Rise (P)  USA


M50 Ontos USA Chieftain Mk.10 Britain KPz-70 Germany

Hornet Britain BMP-1  USSR Be-6 USSR

Ki-109 Japan T114 BAT  USA XA-38 Grizzly  USA
Waffenträger Germany BTR-152A  USSR Type 5 Ho-Ri Japan

New locations

"The Fulda Gap" "Emperor's Garden"

New features and modifications

A New E.R.A Gunner's view Explosive reactive and
composite armour

A "The New E.R.A" — Soon in War Thunder!

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