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M60A1 RISE (P): Explosive Reactive American
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After undergoing modernization efforts in the ‘70s to prolong its service life, the upgraded M60A1 (RISE) became the final old school US MBT that would be fielded, before newer, more modern tank designs would make their appearance. The M60A1 (RISE) is now also undergoing its final testing before its expected release with War Thunder’s 1.71 update!


During the mid 1970s, the M60A1 went through a short series of modernization efforts which improved engine reliability of the vehicle, in order to prolong its service life until a new fighting vehicle was ready to replace it. Designated M60A1 (RISE), the modernized vehicle entered service with US Army units in the late 1970s.

Only a few years later, the M60A1 (RISE) was once again outfitted with some additional equipment to further enhance its capabilities. The enhanced version received passive night vision equipment for the gunner, commander and driver, APFSDS rounds, smoke grenades and smoke screens launchers, and other enhancements, thus the new version received the designation M60A1 RISE (PASSIVE). This version was then later equipped with ERA armour packages by the U.S. Marines in the late 1980s to further strengthen the armour protection of the vehicle. These vehicles took part in various military conflicts in modern times, and are still in service with numerous countries around the globe. 

In War Thunder, the M60A1 will be the first US ground vehicle to take its place on the new VI rank of the American ground forces research tree, thanks to its advanced ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour) protection system. Unlike conventional applique armour platings, ERA is made up of individual packages, instead of one a single unit, that are attached to the exterior of the vehicle. Apart from that, ERA protection does come with one serious drawback - individual ERA packages, due to way they were designed to work, present only a one-time-use item on the tank, as they activate upon contact with a high velocity projectile. This means that it’s possible for players to use high caliber machine guns and cannon shells to blast off the ERA packages, exposing the tank’s armour underneath, making that section of the tank vulnerable to follow-up shots.

The ERA packages are placed primarily on the front portion of the vehicle, scattered over the upper and lower glacis as well as the front of the turret. The better part of both sides of the turret are also covered in ERA packages, providing additional protection for the arguably most important module of the vehicle and its crew. 

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However, the sides and rear of the hull are largely not covered by ERA plating at all, calling for commanders to pick their positioning well in advance before engaging in combat, as leaving these sections exposed to enemy fire can result in increased vulnerability to shaped charge amunitions. Nevertheless, the benefits that come with an ERA protection system far outweigh its shortcomings, giving M60A1 drivers the possibility to withstand a direct hit to the front, whereas the existing model in game would likely have already turned into a burning pile of scrap metal. Fans of the existing M60A1 and objective-focused players, may find the M60A1 RISE (PASSIVE) to be the perfect vehicle for them, as the addition of ERA packages increases survivability on one hand, whilst retaining all the good qualities from the standard M60A1 on the other, namely its good firepower and mobility. 

The introduction of the M60A1 RISE (P) to the game will bring many firsts with it, as the vehicle will not only be among the first rank six vehicles to be added, but will also be the first vehicle in the game to feature ERA protection. Meet the new and improved M60A1 RISE (PASSIVE) in the upcoming update 1.71 for War Thunder!

See you there!

The War Thunder Team

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