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The Fulda Gap: where WW3 could have started
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In War Thunder’s “New Era” update, we introduce a new location for combined battles – the Fulda Gap

The Fulda Gap, our new location for combined battles, is perfectly suited for rank VI vehicles. This picturesque mountain valley on the border of East Germany and West Germany could have been the epicenter of an unsurvivable Third World War. The Fulda Gap gave both sides in the Cold War the ability to quickly bring armoured vehicles to strategically important centers and transportation hubs, offering a decisive advantage in a new global war. This is why combat-ready contingents from the Warsaw Pact nations and the western alliance maintained a presence here right up until the reunification of Germany.

A red line passes through the scenic valley, marking the border between the two countries. The Soviet military base with hangars and barracks is on one side of the border and the American base is on the other. Between these bases, on the hills covered with mountain flowers, there is a small village, an ancient castle, a bridge, a winding road, and even a wind farm. The area contains a huge number of hiding spots, lowlands, hills and small plains for tank battles. The capture points have several concealed approach routes and will require coordinated teamwork of platoons to attack and hold the position. Tank snipers will find firing positions both on the edges of the map and in the heart of it, constantly working in concert with their brothers-in-arms. Fans of close combat will find opponents in the most unexpected places, encountering them in the secluded corners of this deceptively open terrain.
What would the battles of the Fulda Gap have been like at the start of WW3? All War Thunder players will soon find it out for themselves in fierce battles in this picturesque mountain landscape. We have tried to make the location balanced for all types of military vehicles and their roles on the battlefield.

The Fulda Gap will be a new-era battle area in our game – prepare for battle!

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