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Very soon, War Thunder pilots and tankers will be able to pit their vehicles against each other on a new combined battles battleground set in the beautiful Japanese inland - welcome to Emperor’s Garden!

The new map is inspired by the picturesque landscape surrounding Shirakawa village and traditional Japanese architecture in general. Untouched by the horrors of war, players will find themselves battling it out not amidst ruins of a once bustling city, but instead, in the serene Japanese countryside, in the foothills of a mountain overlooking the village.

Scattered buildings and farm lands, connected by winding dirt roads passing through pine and bamboo forests, are distinct features of the open outer parts of the map. Fast and nimble vehicles, as well as most tank destroyers, will find themselves right at home in these areas of the map as the open fields covered with relatively thick vegetation provide a perfect hunting ground for these deadly predators. Following the numerous dirt roads will eventually lead tankers to the centre of the map, surrounded by low hills, covered with slender evergreen trees. Here, in the vast cherry blossom gardens surrounding the pagoda, is where most of the action will likely take place in random battles. The short engagement ranges and large amounts of cover will favour medium and heavy tanks, causing some very heated skirmishes between the two warring parties.

Coming with War Thunder’s 1.71 “New E.R.A” update, all players will have the chance to battle it out with their foes in the unique Japanese “frozen in time” landscape in the new Emperor’s Garden map for combined battles! Commanders, prepare for battle!

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