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Sturmpanzer II: Tiny Annihilator
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Low-tier German SPG Sturmpanzer II uses the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far.​

15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) a.k.a. Sturmpanzer II was a German Self Propelled Gun based on the modified chassis of the Panzer II Light tank built as a replacement and improvement for the Sturmpanzer I Bison, that was too heavy and presented a large vertical  profile.

The SPG was in production from 1941 with total of 12 vehicles completed. Sturmpanzer II weight was 16 tons and with its Büssing NAG typ GS water cooled 8 cyl. 7.9 liter gasoline engine it was able to reach up to 45 km/h on the road (15 km/h cross-country). Its maximum armour plating was up to 30mm thick and the vehicle was armed with the 15 cm sIG 33 howitzer, that was generally used as a heavy infantry gun until the very end of the World War 2. All vehicles saw duty in 707th and 708th sIG Kp (Sfl.) and while some were destroyed, the rest remained in the DAK and fought until the Axis surrender of Tunisia in May 1943.

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In War Thunder, the tank will be strong reinforcement for the low tier of the German Ground Forces Tech tree. With it being able to quickly relocate and strike with surprise even against the most armoured foes, it will surely not be an overlooked vehicle. The  low profile and a large 150mm howitzer makes you a very dangerous enemy. Besides, the Sturmpanzer II uses same shells as Brummbär, the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far.

Be wary of your insignificant armour and missing roof, this is an open-top vehicle that can easily be destroyed by even the smallest caliber machine guns in the game. Put some camouflage on your tank, add some bushes and hide outside of the frequent combat area. Use your rogue potential and play on your strength - your cannon that is able to one-shot most (if not all) of the enemies on your tier.

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