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Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar: the Schnellboot Successor
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The fast and deadly ‘Jaguar’ torpedo boat is one of the best representatives of its class in War Thunder.

The German Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar torpedo boat was developed between 1957 and 1963 for action in the Baltic Sea. The Jaguar was a direct descendent of the WWII-era German Schnellboots. The shipbuilders factored all of their experience using torpedo boats into it and attempted to adapt the vessel for modern combat situations.

Since the Jaguar was intended for open-water situations, it was especially made to be large and powerful, with an impressive fuel range. The Jaguar had a tonnage of 210 tons. Running economically, it was capable of travelling 1,000 miles, which is quite a magnificent distance for this type of naval vehicle. It had four 3,000-horsepower engines, which were capable of achieving a speed of up to 43.5 knots – a very high speed for a torpedo boat with such a large tonnage. In fact, despite having twice the tonnage of wartime Schnellboots, the Jaguar was capable of achieving a very similar speed! Its armament is succinct and efficient. The engineers rejected low-caliber anti-air artillery and backup torpedoes in favour of four torpedo launchers and two automatic Bofors 40 mm guns.

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In War Thunder, the Jaguar is at rank IV in the German Navy tech tree. It is noticeably faster than many of its “classmates,” but is still considered equal in terms of firepower. Its four torpedo launchers allow it to launch a whole barrage of fast, deadly torpedoes at the enemy at once, or sink four enemy ships with torpedoes alone with individual aimed shots. Even if they are able to dodge the torpedoes, they won’t get away from the 40 mm rounds fired by the Bofors, which  can tear apart the hulls of enemy ships and the plating of aircraft equally with ease. The Jaguar however, has almost no armour. Only the cabin and the gunners’ posts on the cannon installations have bulletproof plating, so you’ll need to take full advantage of the ship’s superiority in terms of speed and range of fire to avoid incoming rounds.

The Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar will become available to our players for the first time during one of the next closed pre-beta tests of the War Thunder Naval Battles. Sign up to join the ranks of the testers and be the first to take this new ship for a spin!

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