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29-K: Reach the Sky
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The 29-K is a Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle created by mounting a 76-mm 3-K anti-aircraft gun on the reinforced base of a YaG-10 truck. In the mid-1930s, the relentless progress in aviation technology resulted in a need to protect mechanized columns against air assaults. The simplest solution was to install an anti-aircraft gun on a truck base, which resulted in an effective and inexpensive cover vehicle.

The 29-K is a Soviet self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicle created by mounting a 76-mm 3-K anti-aircraft gun on the reinforced base of a YaG-10 truck. In 1933, the Soviet Union launched their efforts to mount high-caliber anti-aircraft artillery on a self-propelled chassis. While their attempts to fit a 76-mm long-barreled gun on a T-26 tank chassis ultimately ended in failure, the project to mount anti-aircraft guns on the base of the triaxial YaG-10 truck met with unalloyed success. Between 1935 and 1937, 61 units of the new SPAAG were produced under the designation 29-K.

Before it could be fitted with guns, the YaG-10 truck had to undergo a minor upgrade: the base was reinforced, four stabilizing legs with jacks were added to the underside, and the sides were replaced with semi-rounded armor plates that could be reclined in combat to create additional space for the crew to operate.

29-Ks were put into service in the Red Army in the initial stage of the Second World War.

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High-caliber anti-aircraft artillery first appeared in War Thunder in the form of the German self-propelled 8.8 cm Flak 37 auf Sd.Kfz.9, and now the USSR also has its own medium-altitude anti-aircraft gun. Of course, in practice, hefty-caliber SPAAGs like this will primarily play an anti-tank role in the game. Although the staid, heavy-duty YaG-10 won't be able to match its lighter partners such as the GAZ-AAA or ZIS-12 for speed, its stunning ability to carry up to 10 tons in weight makes it capable of bearing artillery that is much heavier and more powerful.

The 3-K 76-mm semi-automatic anti-aircraft gun offers exceptional firing range (shells reached altitudes of 9.5 km), good ballistic trajectory, and an extremely high rate of fire, which may prove decisive in the fast-changing conditions on the battlefield. Also one of the most important features of the AA gun is its tremendous firepower - a 76mm shell requires high velocity which is provided by a powerful  3-K cannon. And its firepower against ground target is known for its remarkable armour-piercing qualities which are similar to those of the German 75mm guns.

When attacking enemy armored vehicles, it's best to fire first from a covered or concealed position on the map, as the 29-K will be sluggish getting away from return fire.

The 29-K high-caliber SPAAG will soon be a new addition to the Soviet anti-tank guns, joining rank 2 on the USSR ground vehicle tech tree. Keep an eye on our news to find out what else is coming in the War Thunder patch 1.67!

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